Saturday, February 27, 2010

Unusual Snow Day!

It doesn't really snow in Branson. It's a RARE thing. I spent an entire month in Utah and it didn't snow at my parents house ONCE while I was there. So, I was pretty excited to see it snow in Branson. It wasnt a huge storm (in comparison to Utah storms), but it was big for Branson and we had a lot of fun.

Building a Snowman!
Snow Angels!!!

Why do ALL kids do this?? Such a fun part of growing up.


Our weird Snow Man. Cameron is very creative! A punch bowl for a hat, sunglasses, classic carrot nose, a sunglass case for a mouth, a scarf, golf balls for buttons (later, we changed them to lids of sippy cups because they are bright colors), and a crutch for one arm and a fishing pole for the other!!! Our special snowman!! Notice all the snow in our front yard was used to create him.

Mommy, I'm COLD!!!!

A wonderful day followed by hot chocolate and candy canes!!!


Nancy K said...

Such cute pictures!!!!
You are the best!

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

Jamie K said...

I love that Cam looks so focused while building the snowman. Hilarious! Give your boys hugs for me!