Friday, July 25, 2008

Our Month of July


We didn't do a WHOLE lot on the holiday because we both had to work, but in between shows our company had a BBQ where our "Big Boss" was doing all the BBQ-ing. Kashton had a bite of his first whole hot dog and LOVED it. He kept trying to steal bites from both me and Cameron.

While Daddy was working, we played in the yard and enjoyed the sunshine. Kashton LOVES being outside.

Our good friends Bob and Lana Nichols always host a 4th of July celebration with fireworks after everyone gets off work.

Living in a tourist town, we don't get to enjoy holidays as much because everyone has to work. We usually have to do all of our celebrating really late once all the shows are out. So, at 11:00 pm, I got Kashton out of bed and went to Bob's house. Cameron met us there at about 11:30 once his shows were over.

Kashton actually did really well. He fussed only a little bit, but was mostly fascinated by all the colors in the sky. The big "booms" didn't seem to bother him too much. He was only a little scared at first, but got use to it.

Later in the month, Kashton discovered how to get into the "Lazy Susan" in the kitchen. I walked around the corner and this is what I found.

It was a little difficult teaching him that this was not a good idea because I thought it was so funny.
Sometimes we go down to the lake and meet Cameron in between shows. ( Anyone think that campground looks so beautiful and tempting that you're just DYING to come to Branson and camp....and visit me. Larsen Family Reunion, anyone??? :> ) We usually get to spend a little over an hour with Daddy. So we play on the swings...

...swing really high with Daddy...

...and eat Egg Salad Sandwiches (anyone reminded of Grandma Larsen???)...

...which are really good.

And at the end of the day, we love to take luxurious baths in colored water.

This stuff is great and highly recommended by my sweet son.
And THAT has been our month. Hope all of you have had a good one too.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mr. Independent

Okay, since this is the week that we celebrate our country's independence, I thought I would share the NEW things that are going on at my house.

Kashton has discovered his own Independence and wants SO BAD to do things by himself.

He tries so hard to feed his self. The mess is a little annoying, but you can tell he's so proud of his accomplishment. As a parent, you have to pick your battles. My choices: Let him feed himself and deal with the mess. OR try to feed him and watch him throw a HUGE fit and cry because he can't hold the spoon and then refuses to eat. Obviously I chose the mess. Notice the sauce all over the wall???

Making sure he gets every last bit.

Trying so hard to scoop it up, but not quite succeeding yet.

He's actually not doing too bad.

"Here mom, want some??" Such a good sharer.

Independence Story #2:

We live on this hill. I like my house...I DONT like the hill. In fact, this is one of the very rare times that you will see my car facing forward (I wasn't the last person to drive). Usually I back into my house so that gravity will keep my door from shutting on me while trying to shuffle purses, diaper bags, groceries and Kashton.


Kashton LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to be outside and does not like us to interfer with his exploring.


The very large "BONK" from tumbling down the drive-way. This was our first (of many) battle wounds and the first time seeing my sons blood. Oh, never fear my friends, but be proud, we actually handled it very well. Little boys are suppose to be covered in bruises and scabs. :)

He only cried for a few seconds and then he was ready to play some more. What a tough guy!!

He had a HUGE "goose egg." The picture doesn't do that bump justice.

Independence Story #3: Monkey See, Monkey Do!

Kashton sees me brushing my hair every day and wants to help. He actually does a pretty good job too. He brushes my hair, then his, then Camerons. It's really quite cute. Sometimes he turns the brush the wrong way.

This morning I had quite a fun experience with Kashton. The house got very quiet and when I went looking for him, this is what I found:

I thought this was the cutest thing. Now, because Kashton brushes my hair, he understands the word "brush." When I found him I said, "Did you find Daddy's toothbrush?"

He immediately started to comb his hair with the tooth brush.

SO CUTE!!!!!