Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Kashton!!!!!

On this day, two years ago, my sweet little boy was born at 9:14 AM and changed our lives forever!!

Kashton's due date was May 2 but on April 25th, I woke up that morning feeling a little different. I really couldn't explain how I felt. I felt like my pregnancy had finally caught up to me and I was tired and achy. I was working at a friend's cafe and had been there from 10:00 am until 5:00pm. I sat down alot that day, feeling much more tired than usual. As I was driving home from the cafe, I just KNEW that it was time even though I wasn't having any contractions. I called my mom and cried (because she wasn't with me) as I told her that I thought the baby was going to come.

We had plans that night to go with our friends to see the Polynesian show Island Fire that came to Branson. I had started having mild contractions right before the show. I kept having contractions about every 20 minutes but the nice thing is I was still able to still enjoy the show. I remember laughing ALOT and feeling uncomfortable at the same time.

We went home after the show and I just remember pacing back and forth in my living room because my back was starting to hurt really bad, I couldn't hold still. About 11:00 PM I was having contractions about every 5 min., so we decided to head to the hospital. Because it was my first baby and not knowing what to expect, I was so nervous that we were going to get to the hospital and they were going to think I was being ridiculous and send us back home. So we drove around Branson for a few minutes...meanwhile, Cameron was SPEEDING everywhere we drove. He wanted to get pulled over SO bad so that he could tell the cop that his wife was having a baby.

We arrived at the hospital at 11:30 PM and they admitted me immediately. I got hooked up and then began the wait. By 4:30 AM I was positive that I was going to die. I'd never felt so much pain in my entire life (and I handle pain very well). I was having contractions on top of each other. There was no break. My spine felt like it was LITERALLY going to snap in half. I knew at once: Back Labor.

I received an epidural around 4:45AM and at that point I felt a little bit of relief. However, it slowed down my contractions. In order to relieve the immense pain in my spine, they may have O.D.'d me with the epidural because I couldn't feel ANYTHING. So that at 7:00AM when they broke my water and told me it was time to push, I couldn't even feel anything TO push. I kept trying to push but nothing was happening. So they slowly shut off my epidural. The pain in my spine returned. However, despite some of the most intense pain I've ever had in all my life, my sweet little boy with the BIG head finally came into this world at 9:14AM. Yup, I sure did push for two MISERABLE hours!!!

When it was all said and done, the doctor told me that because of my scoliosis and crooked pelvis (which caused me to have to push while lying on my side instead of my back) and because of my tight muscles (because of my dancing), they were prepping a room for me to have a C-section but Kashton finally decided to come out on his own. I'm so grateful too (even if it was two hours later)!!! I really didn't want a C-section!! :) We were so grateful for a WONDERFUL and patient doctor.

I've never been so tired in all my life. I also learned that after a day of working in a cafe, and a night in labor...I really wish I would've taken a shower before going to the hospital, because this is the picture that I'll always have. Sweet beautiful baby and nasty, ugly, tired mommy!!! :)
The second time I've ever seen Cameron cry.
My sweet Super Baby!!

Kashton at one year old!!!
On his first birthday!!
The outfit he wore at his birthday party!!
And the EXACT same outfit one year later!!! Sheesh!!! When are you going to grow???
After nine months of horrible colic and acid reflux and an IMMENSE amount of patience on mommy's part :), We love our little boy and are SO glad to have him in our lives. He has blessed us and others in so many ways and we love him dearly!!!
Kashton Rane Hansen at Two Years Old

Happy Birthday my sweetheart!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter and Cameron's 30th Birthday!!!!

Okay, I know you're probably all completely shocked to see a new post on here from me.  I sincerly apologize for being such a slacker!!!  For it being my off-season, I'm surprised at how busy I've been (it's taken me four days just to write this blog).  So, instead of me trying to play catch-up (because I'm sure you don't want to look at Christmas pictures in April), I'll just start with the present and maybe throw in some past photos here and there.

We had two really fun days in a row.  Saturday April 11th was Cameron's 30th birthday.  He said he wanted to go to a greek restaurant in town for dinner with some close friends.  So, he assumed that I had called some friends and made reservations at this restaurant for his birthday dinner.  Little did he know that for the past two weeks, me and our good friend Steve were planning a big SURPRISE party for him.

On the morning of Cameron's birthday,  I tried hard to not make a fuss over my incredibly messy house (I wouldn't want to give anything away by running around and cleaning madly).  So, I tried to act completely normal.  I hard-boiled some eggs.  Pulled out the dye kit because after all, it was the day before Easter.  And we began to dye eggs.  While looking over this cheap kit I bought at Target (or maybe WalMart), I was amazed at how time's have changed..., whatever happened to just three or four color tablets???  Look at ALL THOSE MUGS!!!  As I was counting all the color tablets, I was praying I had enough mugs.  I even (keep in mind, I'm acting normal and not stressing) had to run back to the grocery store and buy more vinegar.  Honestly people, how many different shades of blue and pink do we need?  It still looks pink regardless.  Sheesh!!!  Kashton thought it was so cool.  How do I know this???  Well, he told me!!  "Coo Mom"  "Coo"  "WOW...Coo Dad"  He didn't even make that big of a mess.  My carpet is still the same color that it was before we began.
11:30 AM: 
Cameron: leaves for work.  Bethany: MAD MARATHON DASH AROUND THE HOUSE!!!!!  Clean up the egg mess, babysit Kashton AND Parker, keep them content and happy, cleaning, cleaning, re-cleaning (TWO TODDLERS...enough said), cooking, baking, shopping.  It was a miracle.  The two boys both took two and a half hour naps while I was outside pulling weeds, mowing the lawn (No, strike that, reverse it.  Actually, I weed whacked the lawn because the lawn mower broke), and planting flowers.  I take pride in my house.  I can't have friends over and have them see weeds.  How traumatic for me.  I love flowers and I love my yard to look pretty.  Vain?? Yes, I am!!

What incredible friends we have!!!  My good friends came into the house, saw how much still needed to be done before Cameron got there and immediately got to work.  I couldn't have pulled it together without them.  Dont believe me???  Wait till you see the cake!!!  Thanks Mark for grilling 36 hamburger patties and 24 brats.  I didn't even know how to turn the grill on.

So, while Cameron is driving home with Steve, he's calling me over and over.  He's wondering why he needs to come all the way home to get me so that we can go to the greek restaurant.  He just doesn't understand why I can't meet him at the restaraunt.  After all...Steve drove them to work, I had the car, I had Steve's kid.  Of course, it makes PERFECT sense for me to meet him at the restaurant.  But, I refuse to answer the phone.  Well, give me a break.  My house is full of people and if I answer the phone he'll hear them all.  Plus, it was fun to make him curse and sweat ( and I honestly was fresh out of excuses).  Why wouldn't his dear, sweet wife answer the phone???  I'm not kidding, my phone rang every 30 seconds.  We all thought it was rather humorous.  

Steve texts me:  "We're pulling into the neighborhood."  So, out we all go into the front yard.  There's really no place to hide all our we just thought we'd be in the front yard to greet him.  Too bad I didn't get a good picture of his face.  It was priceless.
Kashton loves his "Uncle" Chip.
What a sight!!!

Cameron admitted that he was fuming when he pulled into the neighborhood.  He was ready to come into the house and chew me out for not answering the phone.  What??  Me??  I wouldn't do that to my husband.

We had a great time at the fire pit eating smores.
This is my HORRID cake the we threw together joke...10-15 minutes.  I baked the cakes earlier in the day, but I hadn't decorated them.  Three of us girls threw this thing together SO fast.  There was powdered sugar, raspberry jam, and milk every where.  It looks terrible, but OH...did it taste like heaven.  Thanks Dad for being a Baker!!!  At least I learned something.
Kayla, Sonya, Chip, and Brad.
Cameron blowing out his candles.
Wait a tick...are those trick candles??  The darn things just wont stop burning.  Well, actually, they weren't as cool as we thought they'd be.  Or Cameron just has some mighty lungs on him.  Either way, they didn't burn long.
Gretchen (Gwechen) and Kashton
Chip, beautiful Kelly and (even more beautiful) Macy, and Brad
The cute Godfrey family: Kayla, Mackenzie, Sonya, and Darren
Me, cutting the cake!!  
One of my FAVORITE familys:  The Nichols (Bob, Lana and Chesca)
My second son Parker and his daddy "Uncle" Steve (where's Kelly????)
"Uncle" Chip
We TOTALLY didn't plan this.  AAAWWW!!!  CUTE!!!!!
Serious Rock Band time!!!!  Steve going crazy to Metallica (Kashton gave Cameron the new Guitar Hero Metallica game for his B-day).
Chris rockin' it out like Kirk Hammett.
Happy Birthday Cameron!!!  It was one of the BEST parties we've had in a long time.  It began at 7:00 and ended at 2:00.  We got in bed around 3:00 AM.  We were talking about how the last time we went to bed that late was probably when we were in college.  What a great night.

The next day was Easter Sunday!!
Kashton got to pick out his own egg to eat for breakfast.
Yummy, Yummy Egg!!!!
I love flowers SO much.  Kashton in his cute Easter suit that Grandma Marge gave him a YEAR ago.  He's finally big enough to wear it. :)
Such a charmer!!  I love my little man!!
Opening up his Egg from Grandma.

It was always a tradition in my family that when we woke up Easter morning, the "Easter Bunny" had come during the night and we had to hunt for our Easter Baskets that were hidden in the house somewhere.  I remember a particular time when I was quite young.  I couldn't find my basket anywhere and all my older siblings had found theirs.  I was quite upset, thinking the Easter Bunny forgot about me.  I climbed up into my parents bed...quite distraught...only to find my Basket in bed with my parents.  Silly Bunny!!!  The best was when Easter was on Conference.  It was probably the only time that my parents got us to sit still during Conference as we stuffed our cheeks full of Easter candy.  I miss getting those HUGE divinity eggs.  I sure miss our amazing Easter Egg Hunts at Grandma Larsen's house with the ENTIRE family.  I'm sad Kashton misses out on things like that.

Anyway, enough reminiscing.  I thought it would be fun to hide Kashton's basket as well.  I loved that tradition, so I thought I'd carry it over to my own family.  Even though Cameron rolled his eyes at me, we both agreed Kashton was sure cute searching the house for his "basset."  When he couldn't find it, I asked him where the Easter Bunny hid his basket and he looked up at me and said, "Dohn know."  It was so cute.

After church, we drove up to Springfield and had an amazing Easter dinner with some relatives of Cameron's.  They had a little Easter Egg hunt in the house.  This picture didn't turn out, but I thought it was really cute watching Kashton walk around the house looking for eggs.

Later, "Aunt" Kaye gave a WONDERFUL lesson/activity on our Savior and the true meaning of Easter.  It was the perfect way to end our perfect weekend!!!