Monday, October 31, 2011

Pun'kun Patch!!!

Over the past few weeks Cameron's show schedule has been really light because the season is winding down and coming to an end while they prepare for the opening of the Christmas show which opens November 1st. We have enjoyed these past few weeks of October doing alot of family activities together.

We went to the McKenna Family Pumpkin Patch together. Something we look forward to every year. We've been spoiled because the weather has been INCREDIBLE this season. We haven't even had any cold days yet. My perfect Fall!!!
Kashton loves these slides every year. They are kind of like a wash board. So he bounces all the way down.

There are SO many activities do this at this pumpkin patch. I actually had a REALLY hard time keeping up with him (which means I didn't get pictures of everything he did). He ran from one thing to the next and was SO HYPER!!! Cameron and I just sat back and laughed. He was having so much fun!!

In years past, he hasn't been able to reach the pedals. He had alot more fun this year on the tricycles!!! My little shortie!!!

On the "haunted" hayride. Yup...these handsome men are ALL mine!!!

This is his "scary" face.

Fun with Daddy!!!

Inside the Hay Maze!

On TOP of the Hay Maze. I'm so glad he's such a BOY!!!!

He ran around the entire perimeter of the Hay Maze and jumped from bale to bale.

Family Photo!!!

I was actually shocked to see that the Corn Maze was still so GREEN!!! We've had such a mild Fall and warm fall this year. I don't think I've ever seen a green corn maze before.

Picking out our pumpkin!!! This is probably the only "negative" of coming to the Pumpkin Patch. The pumpkins are SO expensive. We just got two pumpkins this year. One for me and Cam and then a little one for Kashton because he wanted to paint it.

This picture didn't turn out as cute as I had hoped. I think I need to be 9 months pregnant to really get the full effect. Still....kinda fun.

My handsome boy!!

The 28th Week Bump!!!

Kashton wanted to do it too!!

We're already excited to go again next year!!!!

Branson Balloon Festival!!

Branson had it's first Hot Air Balloon Festival. We weren't able to go to most of the events they had but I wanted Kashton to see them. So, right after his rehearsal at the church for the Primary Program (where he sang his FIRST solo in sacrament meeting: I Love To See the Temple. And he did a FANTASTIC job), I brought him to Branson Creek (where the new Branson Airport is) and we watched them light up the balloons.

They did a couple of things where they had all the balloons light their torches at the same time so they were all lit up. And then they did something called a "flicker burn" where they flicked their torches on and off really quick. It was fun.

Kashton cared more about the bounces houses that were there then the balloons. He played for about an hour and a half in the bounce houses while I walked around and looked at the balloons.

Kashton got really close to one of the balloons when they lit their torch. He had the most surprised, excited look on his face....and I missed it with the camera. :(
He brought his own money from his "piggy bank" and wanted to buy this sucker. I was a bad mom and let him eat MOST of it. Needless to say, he was up a few hours later throwing up. Poor buddy!!!

Once they started taking the bounce houses down and packing the balloons up, they played the movie "UP" on a big screen. We stayed for a little while but didn't finish the movie. I had a TIRED little boy (and I was exhausted too).

Friday, October 7, 2011

Jamison Sean Tuckett

Today would be your 16th birthday!!!

It seems like you were always full of smiles and MISCHIEF as a kid!!!!

I came across this picture recently and smiled and laughed. Some things never change....and I hope they never do. Grandpa feeding the grandkids things he shouldn't, Aitanna always eating sweets, and you... "playing with fire." How in the world did you get a box of matches anyway??? Wait...that's probably a dumb question to ask!! :)

Two chubby boys in the tub!! Grandpa would be so embarrassed...but I don't care. I love this picture of these two amazing guys in my life.
Your appearance in the world meant that Contessa was no longer the only grand child.
But she didn't seem to mind too much!!!
Uncle Joe always had a special connection to you.
Your daddy was and is so proud of you and loves you so much!!!!
Grandpa Duane LOVES his grand kids!! And Raleigh sure loves her big brother.
Happy Birthday Jami!!! I hope Natasha is with you right now celebrating yet another birthday with you.
Like I said before....your daddy has always been so proud of you. Just look at the look on his face.

It's hard to believe that you're not with us anymore.
I'm grateful for the knowledge that I have of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It makes losing you not nearly as painful. It's a comfort knowing that you'll be waiting there for each of us when we return to our Heavenly home.
Where I have the most regret is for the past 8 years I've lived so far away. I feel like I missed out on alot. It was fun for me to read the updates your mom put on her blog. It made me feel like I knew what was going on in your life. Still....I felt like I didn't really get a chance to KNOW you.

It really hurts to know that on my most recent trip to Utah, the FIRST time I got to see you was when you were lying in that hospital. I didn't get to hug you one last time. I didn't get to laugh with you and tease you one last time. Or better yet...YOU tease ME one last time. I hate myself for that.
I loved the times when I came home to Utah to visit and you ALWAYS seemed so happy to see me. It meant so much because I felt like I didn't know you as well as I would've liked. But you made ME feel IMPORTANT!!! I always thought it odd that a teenager would sit and visit with his aunt who lived 1200 miles away. Most teenagers are more interested in their video games and ipods and could careless about the annoying adults that were around.

You were so different!!

Recently, I called home at Christmas to say hello. The phone was passed around from my mom, to my dad, and then to my siblings. Then I was told that you wanted to talk to me on the phone. I was shocked. Really???? A fifteen year old wants to talk to his aunt on the phone?? It was so fun to listen to the excitement in your voice as you asked me if I saw your pictures and videos on Facebook. You wanted to MAKE SURE I saw a picture of the long board you had made in shop. You were so sweet to me.
When I would visit Utah, not only would you tease Kashton...but it was clear that you LOVED him. You were so good to him. I'm SO glad that even though he's only 4, he remembers you. I will try hard to never let him forget. It makes me happy to think that hopefully your playing with my little daughter right now. Taking care of her for me until she's able to be in my own arms. Maybe telling her about all the fun she's going to have. Maybe telling her to give your mom and dad a hug from you. I like to think that anyway!!!
I want you to know how much I love you and miss you!!!

Happy 16th Birthday!!!