Monday, October 31, 2011

Branson Balloon Festival!!

Branson had it's first Hot Air Balloon Festival. We weren't able to go to most of the events they had but I wanted Kashton to see them. So, right after his rehearsal at the church for the Primary Program (where he sang his FIRST solo in sacrament meeting: I Love To See the Temple. And he did a FANTASTIC job), I brought him to Branson Creek (where the new Branson Airport is) and we watched them light up the balloons.

They did a couple of things where they had all the balloons light their torches at the same time so they were all lit up. And then they did something called a "flicker burn" where they flicked their torches on and off really quick. It was fun.

Kashton cared more about the bounces houses that were there then the balloons. He played for about an hour and a half in the bounce houses while I walked around and looked at the balloons.

Kashton got really close to one of the balloons when they lit their torch. He had the most surprised, excited look on his face....and I missed it with the camera. :(
He brought his own money from his "piggy bank" and wanted to buy this sucker. I was a bad mom and let him eat MOST of it. Needless to say, he was up a few hours later throwing up. Poor buddy!!!

Once they started taking the bounce houses down and packing the balloons up, they played the movie "UP" on a big screen. We stayed for a little while but didn't finish the movie. I had a TIRED little boy (and I was exhausted too).

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