Thursday, March 25, 2010

Here It Is!!!!!

I kinda figured out YouTube!! Here is the video I spoke about in my last post.

You'll have to scroll down to the VERY BOTTOM of this blog and hit the pause button on my music playlist, then you'll be able to hear the sound on the video.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oranges and Oceans!!

With the orange trees EVERY WHERE in Orlando, we just couldn't resist!!! :)
Can I really pick one??? This one wont come off!!!
I want this one instead!!!


Cameron grew up in Orlando and was quite "at home."
We went to Cocoa Beach one day. This is his FIRST time at the beach. The water was a bit cold (it was the first week of March) but, like all first timers, he was so excited to dip those little toesies in the ocean water. However, this was the BEFORE picture.
And this was the AFTER picture. A larger wave came up and being a first timer dealing with waves....he just wasn't quite prepared. It literally swept him off his feet. I didn't get a picture of him going down and under the wave for OBVIOUS reasons. I was too concerned about him being okay. But it was VERY funny. We have it on video. If I ever figure YouTube out...I'll upload it.
"I got soaked!"
Once we got rid of the wet shirt and he figured out his footing with the waves, he had a BLAST!!!

I apologize for being a little photo happy. We just had a great time. And of course, every parent LOVES to take pictures of their adorable kids.

We ate lunch at a little restaurant on the beach called Coconuts On the Beach. We had yummy "authentic" mahi mahi tacos, pineapple teriyaki chicken, and key lime pie. FANTASTIC day!!!
Good bye to Orlando. I'm sure we'll be back soon!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Since we had a day to kill while in Orlando, we were deciding between Sea World and Universal Studios. We figured Kashton would enjoy Sea World a little more!

We had to park our strollers outside the stadium and this little guy was quite the thief. He was going from one stroller to the next seeing what sort of food he could steal. Not only did we laugh quite a bit and were very entertained, but we realized we needed to bring our lunch into the stadium with us. He climbed under our stroller and ripped a hole into the sandwich bags. Sneaky little thing!!!

These amazing creatures seemed to be just as curious about us as we were of them. They were constantly pressed up against the glass watching us until the show started.
This was another incredible experience of our trip. The PhilHarMagic at Disney made me cry, and this show made me cry. Kashton couldn't pull his eyes away from these whales. He was in complete awe. When "Shamu" first jumped out of the water, Kashton turned to Cameron and put his hands on Cameron's cheeks and said: Did you see that??? The look of wonder and amazement in his eyes made me cry. What a wonderful way to appreciate God's creatures and experience the wonder of them.

The dolphin show!!! These two dolphins launched this guy so high up into the air!!

The over-achiever. :)

Feeding the sting rays!!! What a cool experience!!

Okay, Kashton has NEVER really liked stuffed animals. I always wanted to get him his first teddy bear but he just doesn't like stuffed animals. Last year we went to the St. Louis Zoo and were shocked when he wanted a stuffed animal penguin. So we got him one and to this day, he STILL loves that penguin. We think it's because he picked it was HIS choice. So, while we were at Sea World, Kashton picked out a Shamu. Sure enough, he LOVES it. He now carries around his Shamu and his penguin and sleeps with them both.
Another wonderful day!!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Day With "The Mouse"!!!!!

So, I've decided that 2 is a WONDERFUL age to take your kids to Disney. We were able to enjoy every aspect of the park. He was able to go on all the rides (or the MAJORITY of them). When he took his nap in the stroller, we were able to take turns on all the adult rides with automatic Fast Passes...and he was FREE!!!!!!!
We had the BEST day. Kashton loved all of it....and so did we. It truly was the most MAGICAL day!

We were hoping to see Cinderella, but she wasn't there. However, Fairy Godmother was so sweet. She got Kashton to put one arm behind his back and she was able to thread her arm through his other. A PERFECT gentleman!!

The future King Arthur???
The Wanna-Be-King!!!


Big Hugs from Pooh!
And Tigger too!!!

CHURROS!!!! Cameron's favorite Disney treat (he ate three and only shared one of them).
Right before we saw the PhilharMagic show. This made me CRY!!! Kashton was absolutely adorable during this show. Because it's all in major 3-D, Kashton reacted SO cute to everything. He was trying to pop all of Ariel's bubbles, reached out to save Donald Duck, and jumped back in his seat when the giant mop dumped out the bucket of water. He was so cute. The magic and amazment in Kashton's face....yeah, I cried like a baby!!! I'm getting old!!
The Wild Animals!!! Don't let them out!!

The BEST ride of all!! Small World!!! Two weeks later and Kashton is still singing the song.
A one hour wait to see Mickey and Minnie....TOTALLY worth it!! Kashton was completely in AWE!

Look at the smile!!! Nothing beats that!!
I remember when the characters use to walk around the park and you'd just see them all over the place and take pictures of/with them. Now, they're in certain areas where you have to wait in line to see them. LAME!!! So, we didn't see too many characters!
Riding on the race cars! He loved to bump into the track over and over.
Classic!!!! Tea cup time!

What a MAGICAL day!!!!