Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Day With "The Mouse"!!!!!

So, I've decided that 2 is a WONDERFUL age to take your kids to Disney. We were able to enjoy every aspect of the park. He was able to go on all the rides (or the MAJORITY of them). When he took his nap in the stroller, we were able to take turns on all the adult rides with automatic Fast Passes...and he was FREE!!!!!!!
We had the BEST day. Kashton loved all of it....and so did we. It truly was the most MAGICAL day!

We were hoping to see Cinderella, but she wasn't there. However, Fairy Godmother was so sweet. She got Kashton to put one arm behind his back and she was able to thread her arm through his other. A PERFECT gentleman!!

The future King Arthur???
The Wanna-Be-King!!!


Big Hugs from Pooh!
And Tigger too!!!

CHURROS!!!! Cameron's favorite Disney treat (he ate three and only shared one of them).
Right before we saw the PhilharMagic show. This made me CRY!!! Kashton was absolutely adorable during this show. Because it's all in major 3-D, Kashton reacted SO cute to everything. He was trying to pop all of Ariel's bubbles, reached out to save Donald Duck, and jumped back in his seat when the giant mop dumped out the bucket of water. He was so cute. The magic and amazment in Kashton's face....yeah, I cried like a baby!!! I'm getting old!!
The Wild Animals!!! Don't let them out!!

The BEST ride of all!! Small World!!! Two weeks later and Kashton is still singing the song.
A one hour wait to see Mickey and Minnie....TOTALLY worth it!! Kashton was completely in AWE!

Look at the smile!!! Nothing beats that!!
I remember when the characters use to walk around the park and you'd just see them all over the place and take pictures of/with them. Now, they're in certain areas where you have to wait in line to see them. LAME!!! So, we didn't see too many characters!
Riding on the race cars! He loved to bump into the track over and over.
Classic!!!! Tea cup time!

What a MAGICAL day!!!!


Anonymous said...

My mom was just at Disneyland and she was telling me the same thing about having to wait in line to see the characters. Definitely lame. Glad to hear that Kashton had such a great time. We were going to wait until about age 5 or 6 to take William, but maybe we won't have to.

Bethany said...

Just testing!!! Something is not working right!!!

Angie said...

wow you've got some post card worthy pictures there! I can tell you guys had such a fun time :)