Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 1 in Orlando!!!!

Well, it's getting to be that time of year where we start back up at work and we were really itching to have one last "fling" before we begin a long, crazy year. So....we took Mr. Taye Diggs and Miss Piggy's advice and we did the Disney Give A Day, Get A Day.

I made a bunch of blankets to be sent to Haiti (so mad at myself for not taking pictures because they turned out SO cute) and we found these amazingly CHEAP flights straight to Orlando. It ended up costing only $230 dollars TOTAL for all three of us to fly round trip. Isn't that crazy??? Meant to be, I guess!!!!

We stayed with our friends the Eichelbergers and while we were outside visiting and enjoying the WARM weather, I looked over at Kashton and saw this: It totally occured to us that this was the first time our cute son had ever experienced SAND!!! Isn't that sad???? He LOVED it. Normally I would not have allow this....but...COME ON....FIRST TIME IN SAND!!!!!!!! So we let him play and get FILTHY and it was totally worth it. He had a blast!

We really spoiled him rotten...and I don't regret it. This is him riding on a little train. I felt like I was in tears the ENTIRE trip watching the joy on this little ones face as he experienced all this new, fun stuff.

He would wave at us and just BEAM the entire time he went past.
Lucky mouse!!!
Um...EXCUSE ME???????
Family Photo with the guilty butt grabber!!! Just don't tell Cameron!!!
Wow, Buzz is just getting all he can get from my family!

Stopping to smell the roses....or geraniums!!!

It was SO windy!!
We were at Downtown Disney and they had these jumping fountains!! So, being the horrible parents that we are...we stripped our kid down (the weather was not THAT warm) and let him have the time of his life.

That night we went to Margaritaville with Cam's old friends Adam and Jon!! It was fun to see these three together again. The last time he saw Jon was about four years ago and it's been about three years since he last saw Adam.
This seriously was NOT planned. These guys were totally walking like this and it was SO cute. Had to take a picture!!!
Annoying Tall Pirate making balloons.
Um....I'm not even going to bother explaining this one.
Girly Girls!!! I guess I should've worn a pink scarf so that I could fit in better!!!

SURFER DUDE!!! He even has the right hair!!!
More fantastic photos to come!!! Stay tuned......

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