Friday, January 9, 2009


Hey Everyone!! I hope everyone had GREAT holidays. We were very blessed and my mom, dad and sister Melissa and her kids came and spent the holidays with us in Branson. We had a lot of fun.

We've spent the past week traveling across the country. We were up in Kansas City for New Years Day, then we drove to Denver and spent some time there with friends, then we drove into Salt Lake City last night. YAY!!! I love being "home." Even though Branson is technically my home, it just doesn't feel like "Home" the same way that Salt Lake does. We'll be here for about a month.

I'm a nerd and totally forgot my USB plug to my camera in Branson. So, I'll have to borrow my sisters camera and upload our Christmas pictures using her camera. Hopefully I'll get those pictures on here soon because we took some cute ones.

Meanwhile, I'm going to enjoy this beautiful snowy weather and these absolutely gorgeous mountains. I'm also really hoping to see some of you very soon.... Ang, Dani, Annie....PLAY DATE ASAP!!!!!