Tuesday, November 1, 2011


"I'm Dash" "The Dash"

What a cute boy!! He changed his mind SO many times this year. About a week ago when he said he wanted to be Dash from The Incredibles, I told him he wasn't allowed to change his mind anymore. Dash it is!!!

I made his costume and it was fun to make...even though he wasn't cooperative at all. :)

Running Fast!!

We had some friends come over and spend the evening with us. Andru as a Pirate and Parker as an Army man. Cute Boys!!

Kelly and her little Cow Jameson.

Sporting some JC Bling Lady Gaga glasses.

My decorations. I like decorating for holidays!!

Notice it says 14 days until Halloween. Guess I got lazy!! :)

Kashton and I made this little foam treehouse together. It was a fun afternoon.

Dad's recipe for Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies. YUMMY!! My favorite.

Cameron's mom's recipe for Stuffed Acorn Squash. Cam's favorite.

Our porch. We had spiderwebs and a fog machine that spits out bubbles. When the bubbles pop they're filled with more fog. It's a hit!! All the kids that come to our house will sit and pop the bubbles and watch the smoke come out. Our porch gets a little crowded because the kids like playing in the bubbles.

The Loot!! Notice the paint from his face smeared ALL OVER his sleeves. What a mess!!

Close up of the mess!!! What a sweet boy. We had so much fun!


Last Game!!

We had our last flag football game of the season. We were SO sad to see it end. It was our favorite sport to watch.

Kashton scored two touch downs at this last game. We were so proud of him.

He had two coaches. Coach Shane and this is Coach Trevor.

Cute boy with his trophy!!!

Moley Moley!!!

This summer, our yard has been completely DESTROYED by moles. We've tried EVERYTHING to get rid of them. We're not sure if something we did finally worked, but this was in my dogs mouth one day.

At first we were yelling at her to drop whatever she had. She went running in the house and under the bed with her tail between her legs. When we discovered it was a MOLE, we were all about praising her and giving her treats. GOOD HERSHEY!!!

The Bump!!!

So...I've decided to NOT put these pictures on Facebook. Over the years I've sadly heard alot of commets people have made about OTHER pregnant women that have not been too kind.

"She's gotten SO big."

"She's really let herself go."

"You never would've guessed she was really tiny once."


Go ahead and call me insecure because I'll admit it myself. Yes, I'm VERY insecure. Dont get me wrong though. I think the female body is AMAZING and it's incredible to feel that sweet little baby inside of me. But, I don't look nearly as "cute" as I did when I was pregnant with Kashton. I'm so much bigger with this baby and I'm more pregnant "all over" then just in my tummy. I had a cute little basketball when I was pregnant with Kashton. Now, I feel like my ENTIRE BODY is pregnant with this one. Maybe that's the difference between a boy and a girl.

Anyway....I wanted to take pics of my "bump" because I never did it was Kashton and I regret it. So these pics are for me and for my family who will never get any other chance to see my big belly. :)

This is me at 20 weeks!!

Here's 26 weeks. My face looks pregnant and I'm PRETTY sure the last time my chest was that big was when I was nursing Kashton. HOLY LORD THEY'RE HUGE. CHUNKY MONKEY!!!! A young woman in my ward said I looked like "the cutest pumpkin" she's ever seen.

30 weeks!!! I was on my way to a wedding reception and was (for a moment) feeling cute. So, I took this picture. Then, there was a lady at the reception that said:
Lady: "When are you due?"
Me: "First week of January"
Lady: "WOW, you must get REALLY BIG with your babies."
And...the cute feeling was GONE!!!!


Kashton has his first big BIKE CRASH!!!! He was going down a hill in our neighborhood and hit a patch of dirt and rocks. Cameron was riding with him and I was sitting on the front porch when it happened. I could hear the screaming from the house and the dread hit me so hard. Our neighborhood is nothing but STEEP hills and we haven't bought him a helmet yet. Normally, I only allow him to just ride his bike in front of our house. Much to my dismay, Cameron will take him on the hills.

So...when I heard the screaming, I was none-too-happy.

I ran around the corner and down the hill (as quickly as my pregnant body would allow me to). I was SO grateful to not find a cracked open head and a body in need of stitches.

I just want to kiss this sweet little face with tears in his eyes. He was SO brave, until we got the hydrogen peroxide out. :)

He got some road rash on his head and nose and you can see a good one on his elbow there too.

Both elbows got torn up pretty good and it was quite an effort to scrub the blood out of his white t-shirt.
I'm SO thankful this was all we ended up with!!!