Monday, November 17, 2008

Our Trip to Denver

The first of October, we took some time off work (actually, Cam had vacation days) and we made a little trip to Denver, Colorado to visit our friends that we haven't seen in a while. We had SO much fun visiting with them all. We took SO many pictures and Eric and Sariah were so nice to send us home with a whole bunch of pictures as well. I couldn't put all of the pictures on might get bored looking at 100 pictures of us in Denver. :) However, here are just some of my favorites.
We went to Eldorado Springs and went hiking and played in the water.

I LOVE this picture. He threw a rock into the water and I caught him clapping and SO excited about the splash he made.

He kept picking up the rocks and putting them in his mouth. YUCK!!!

We had so much fun with Joshua and his awesome family. It was so good to see him and spend some time with him. This is Eric, Joshua, my baby boy, and my big boy Cameron.
Kashton had so much fun with Sariah. He loves her.
Cool Dude!!!
Uncle Eric and Aunt Sariah took Kashton "Fall Clothing" shopping and spoiled him ROTTEN. Thank you so much you guys. We love you and had so much fun.
We went to the Denver Aquarium and Kashton absolutely loved it. This is him and Cameron petting the sting rays.
All wet!
Petting more fish. I've never been to an aquarium where it's okay to touch the fish. It was kinda cool.

Sadly, we had a tragedy and Cameron lost his head.

Kashton was NOT amused.
Eric petting the fish. SLIMY!!!

This lady was cleaning a huge tank and Kashton was completely fascinated with her. We couldn't pull him away. He kept waving and pointing at her.

Playing Eric's piano. He takes after his daddy.
We also went to Estes Park and that was the most beautiful place that I've been to in a long time. Thanks so much for taking us there Eric and Sariah. We ate outside at this Italian restaurant.

Little Flirt!!!

Playing on the slides with Sariah.

It was Elk season and they were everywhere.

At Estes Park
Thanks so much Josh, Eric, and Sariah. That was the best vacation we've had in a LONG time. We love you!!!!

The Rest of Our Summer Together!!!!

We tried really hard to enjoy the last bit of our summer. Kashton watched mommy working in her herb garden so much, it was his favorite place to go and dig in the dirt too. He always had the spade in his hand.Oh, I will definitely miss those wrinkles. Cute little bum!!!!

He loved to play in his little sprinkler that Steve and Kelly gave him for his birthday!!!
We had a few days off from work at the first of September, so we took a trip up to Kansas City with our friends Tim and Gretchen. We had so much fun visiting the zoo.
Cameron (the animal lover) kept feeding all the animals Cheerios. Kashton was so sweet to share his snack with all the animals.

Our little duck!! He tries so hard to make the noise like a duck. He says "Whaa, Whaa, Whaa."
Trying so hard to be a big boy and eat his pancakes. He's so sweet.
We went to this FANTASTIC restaurant called Raglan Road. It is an Irish Pub and they had a live band playing authentic Irish tunes and even an Irish dancer got on the table and did a little jig. It was great and the food was wonderful.
While we were in Kansas City, our sweet little Macy Elizabeth was born. We were so happy to finally welcome her to the world. Congratulations Mark and Kelly.

And THIS little stinker wont ever stay out of the Lazy Susan. Everytime I don't know where he is, I know I will always find him in this exact position. Cute little stink bug!!!