Sunday, July 25, 2010

You Tube Clips

This isn't anything great. I found these on YouTube and thought my mom would like them. You know....the things that only a mom would like. :) Scroll down to the bottom of this blog and hit "pause" on my music playlist, then you should be able to hear the video)

A clip I found of Cameron!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Independence Day!!!!

We had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend. Because Cameron and I work opposite work schedules, we don't get to spend much time together. Cameron took Saturday off of work and I took Sunday off and we ended up having an awesome weekend together. It's so nice to spend time with each other.
We rented a boat on Saturday and invited some friends to spend the day with us. It was a bit rainy, but we didn't mind. We still had a blast and Kashton was THRILLED. We feel so lucky to live by a huge lake that we get to enjoy any time we want.
Sweet Kelly and Macy!!!
Go Mark!!!
Me just goofing around. This all started out by me almost falling over and I lifted my leg up to help keep my balance. Once I got my balance, I decided to be silly. Cameron grabbed the camera and yelled "What else do you got???" So I showed him. :)

Taking Kashton for a little ride. He loved going on the tube.
Handsome Boys!!
Riding with Daddy!
Once we returned the boat we decided to go down to Branson Landing for dinner only to discover they were having a huge firework show. We decided to stay and enjoy it. We got some delicious take-out food from Waxy O'Sheas' Irish Pub (fish and chips and Scotch eggs...YUM), found a seat and sat for about an hour and a half. The firework show was amazing. We had so much fun. They began with some fireworks while they played the Star Spangled Banner!! This photo melted my heart.

Sunday evening we had some friends and neighbors over and we had our own firework show in our front yard. Sparklers are always a huge hit with the kids. Notice Kashton holding it away from him??? Last year a spark fell into his shoe and burned him REALLY bad (he still has a huge scar). He hasn't quite forgotten that. :)
Cute Anna!!! It was her first firwork show ever.

Amelia isn't sure what to think of those sparklers.
I LOVE this picture!!! She was a little scared.
Cameron helping Amelia shoot off a cannon!
Kashton had his hands over his ears the entire time.
Kashton's turn to shoot off the cannon.

Pat and Dave!!! Love them!!! So glad they joined us!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Just some random pictures of the past few months (since I've been a bad blogger). They're in no particular order either.
Kashton's 3rd Birthday!!!

In March, we conquered Potty Training!!!!! And the Cookie Monster was his reward!!

He loves his big boy pants!
Another reward he picked out at Disney World. He wasn't allowed to have it until he went potty!

Some family time at Dogwood!!
Enjoying the spring!
Andy Williams!!!! (I never knew he was so short)
Waiting for the cookies to bake!! He did this all on his own. Got his chair, his blankie, and his stuffed animal friends.
Two little firemen!!
Pickin berries at a berry farm!

This is a hydrangea bush I planted five years ago and this is the FIRST year it has bloomed. I've been VERY happy!
Major weird and totally COOL clouds that we had one day!!

Our little friend in the backyard!!
My knight in shining....Elmo underwear. Walked around all day with this sword tucked into his underwear and didn't want to wear clothes.
Enjoying the sprinkler in the front yard!
Visited some Veteran graves on Memorial Day!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Here It Is!!!!!

I kinda figured out YouTube!! Here is the video I spoke about in my last post.

You'll have to scroll down to the VERY BOTTOM of this blog and hit the pause button on my music playlist, then you'll be able to hear the sound on the video.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oranges and Oceans!!

With the orange trees EVERY WHERE in Orlando, we just couldn't resist!!! :)
Can I really pick one??? This one wont come off!!!
I want this one instead!!!


Cameron grew up in Orlando and was quite "at home."
We went to Cocoa Beach one day. This is his FIRST time at the beach. The water was a bit cold (it was the first week of March) but, like all first timers, he was so excited to dip those little toesies in the ocean water. However, this was the BEFORE picture.
And this was the AFTER picture. A larger wave came up and being a first timer dealing with waves....he just wasn't quite prepared. It literally swept him off his feet. I didn't get a picture of him going down and under the wave for OBVIOUS reasons. I was too concerned about him being okay. But it was VERY funny. We have it on video. If I ever figure YouTube out...I'll upload it.
"I got soaked!"
Once we got rid of the wet shirt and he figured out his footing with the waves, he had a BLAST!!!

I apologize for being a little photo happy. We just had a great time. And of course, every parent LOVES to take pictures of their adorable kids.

We ate lunch at a little restaurant on the beach called Coconuts On the Beach. We had yummy "authentic" mahi mahi tacos, pineapple teriyaki chicken, and key lime pie. FANTASTIC day!!!
Good bye to Orlando. I'm sure we'll be back soon!!!