Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Bump!!!

So...I've decided to NOT put these pictures on Facebook. Over the years I've sadly heard alot of commets people have made about OTHER pregnant women that have not been too kind.

"She's gotten SO big."

"She's really let herself go."

"You never would've guessed she was really tiny once."


Go ahead and call me insecure because I'll admit it myself. Yes, I'm VERY insecure. Dont get me wrong though. I think the female body is AMAZING and it's incredible to feel that sweet little baby inside of me. But, I don't look nearly as "cute" as I did when I was pregnant with Kashton. I'm so much bigger with this baby and I'm more pregnant "all over" then just in my tummy. I had a cute little basketball when I was pregnant with Kashton. Now, I feel like my ENTIRE BODY is pregnant with this one. Maybe that's the difference between a boy and a girl.

Anyway....I wanted to take pics of my "bump" because I never did it was Kashton and I regret it. So these pics are for me and for my family who will never get any other chance to see my big belly. :)

This is me at 20 weeks!!

Here's 26 weeks. My face looks pregnant and I'm PRETTY sure the last time my chest was that big was when I was nursing Kashton. HOLY LORD THEY'RE HUGE. CHUNKY MONKEY!!!! A young woman in my ward said I looked like "the cutest pumpkin" she's ever seen.

30 weeks!!! I was on my way to a wedding reception and was (for a moment) feeling cute. So, I took this picture. Then, there was a lady at the reception that said:
Lady: "When are you due?"
Me: "First week of January"
Lady: "WOW, you must get REALLY BIG with your babies."
And...the cute feeling was GONE!!!!


Erika said...

What are you talking about?! You look SO cute!! I love your cute bump and can't wait to see your little one.

Anonymous said...

You need to take more pictures! you look so beautiful and so happy!
Please take lots of pictures because your little baby girl will love to see she was carried by a HOT MAMA