Saturday, March 20, 2010


Since we had a day to kill while in Orlando, we were deciding between Sea World and Universal Studios. We figured Kashton would enjoy Sea World a little more!

We had to park our strollers outside the stadium and this little guy was quite the thief. He was going from one stroller to the next seeing what sort of food he could steal. Not only did we laugh quite a bit and were very entertained, but we realized we needed to bring our lunch into the stadium with us. He climbed under our stroller and ripped a hole into the sandwich bags. Sneaky little thing!!!

These amazing creatures seemed to be just as curious about us as we were of them. They were constantly pressed up against the glass watching us until the show started.
This was another incredible experience of our trip. The PhilHarMagic at Disney made me cry, and this show made me cry. Kashton couldn't pull his eyes away from these whales. He was in complete awe. When "Shamu" first jumped out of the water, Kashton turned to Cameron and put his hands on Cameron's cheeks and said: Did you see that??? The look of wonder and amazement in his eyes made me cry. What a wonderful way to appreciate God's creatures and experience the wonder of them.

The dolphin show!!! These two dolphins launched this guy so high up into the air!!

The over-achiever. :)

Feeding the sting rays!!! What a cool experience!!

Okay, Kashton has NEVER really liked stuffed animals. I always wanted to get him his first teddy bear but he just doesn't like stuffed animals. Last year we went to the St. Louis Zoo and were shocked when he wanted a stuffed animal penguin. So we got him one and to this day, he STILL loves that penguin. We think it's because he picked it was HIS choice. So, while we were at Sea World, Kashton picked out a Shamu. Sure enough, he LOVES it. He now carries around his Shamu and his penguin and sleeps with them both.
Another wonderful day!!!!


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Brooke said...

Ummm, weird anonymous comment. :)

Anyhoo- What a fun trip!!! I can't believe how big your little guy is getting- what a stud!

Jamie K said...

Bethany! I love this! What a cool experience for you guys! And, gosh, who took those amazing pictures? xoxo

Chelsey said...

Cute pictures! Glad you are having fun on your trip! That little boy is so big! He is a cutie!

Bethany said...

What the poop??? Who are you??? Go away!!