Monday, October 3, 2011

Why is Flag Football my FAVORITE sport????

So, you might be asking WHY is Flag Football my favorite sport to watch thus far???

Well, I will give you just a few reasons.


Notice the below picture....
Yes, even though my son is running with the ball, this is NOT what I'm trying to show you.
Notice the little boy laying on the ground??? Totally funny!!!
Notice the boy in the background picking his nose??? Also, totally funny!!!

Notice the rest of the boys on Kashton's team just standing there watching him (or running in the opposite direction)??? Also, totally funny!!!!


Even though tackling is not acceptable in Flag Football, sometimes it happens. Especially by your own team members.

Even though I don't have pictures to show my other two reasons, still...they must be explained.


Most of the time your OWN TEAM MEMBERS pull your flags when you're running with the ball. Oops!!!

And Fourth:

Many are confused about which way to run with the ball in order to make a goal. So...this confusion leads to little boys running around in circles with the ball. Not really caring whether or not they make a goal but more of a fun game of Keep Away. Run in every which direction in the hopes that no one will pull the blessed flags. "Who cares that I'm holding a football, just please DONT GET MY FLAGS." Many times this means running in the complete opposite direction and scoring a point for the OTHER team. Oops again!!!

I also love the "melt downs" that I've witnessed on the field. Not because they're tired, or hot, or hungry or injured. Oh No!!! "THEY GOT MY FLAGGGGG!!! WHHHAAAAAAA!!!"

I'm pretty sure I've never laughed so hard at a sport in my life.

On top of that! Many people have commented on how much they LOVE watching my son play. might be thinking:

"Wow, Kashton must be really good."

Please, not be mistaken.

Oh No!!! Not because he's a great player...but the most "ENTERTAINING" to watch!!

Could it be that he's more concerned about looking at his SHADOW when he runs?? Or this.....

Or maybe this......

Also, I'm pretty sure every person connected to a child on either Kashton's team or on the OTHER team eventually ends up figuring out which one is Kashton. Not necessarily because of how entertaining he is but because his coach has to yell his name at least a hundred times considering he's the ONLY one that has NO focus and is off in LaLa Land ( my family so lovingly refers to as "Planet Claire") the majority of the time. He's usually picking the grass and throwing it in the air or doing somersaults or spins. Yup...that's my boy!!!

The somersaults usually start with this.....

Kashton is asked to be the Center and hike the ball to the Quarterback. Well.....what can you say when your head is THAT close to the ground?? It's the PERFECT position for a beautifully executed somersault. Needless to say, Kashton RARELY get's asked to be the Center.

Time to Block and protect the Runningback!!! I bet the NFL players could TOTALLY learn a thing or two from this position.

And the pass is made from the Quarterback to the Runningback!!! Good Job Buddy!! Just..........stand there!!! Ya look GREAT!!!!!

Well....he did learn a thing or two from his daddy!!! He knows the right ones to chase.

Once in a while he gets a turn to SHINE!!!



GONE!!! (So far he's scored one touchdown)

Half time!!! What a cute team!!! (All of you who have never been to this part of the country, how do ya like our grass??? WHAT GRASS!!! Oh....thats really just weeds that they mow!!! Yup, the Ozarks are REALLY good at growing weeds)

I also love the fighting over the ball. Who's going to run with it???? Coach....INTERCEPT!!!!

GO BUDDY GO!!!! (Same kid pretty concerned with his nose)


...TACKLE!!!! Oops!!! The Ref blows the whistle: "Remember, we're just pulling flags here, kids."

So, why is Flag Football my FAVORITE sport??? I laugh, and laugh, and laugh!!! I LOVE my little boy so much!!! In my eyes, he IS the best...

...even if he can't focus or listen or pay attention to anything.

At the end of the's ALWAYS a good game!!!

And there are not many things that beat playing catch with Dad!!!

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Candie said...

That is really funny! Way to be his #1 fan! Great pictures btw!