Thursday, February 11, 2010

Steve and Kelly Visit Utah!!

This was kind of a cool thing for me because this is what I use to do when I was a little kid. Dad bought this old steam engine probably before I was born and we loved it when he'd pull it out and run it. How special it is to see this done with the next generation and it's still just as exciting.
I remember how much I loved watching the steam come out and here's my son....history repeating itself!!

Thanks Dad for more special memories!!
Our friends Steve and Kelly came to Utah. It was their first time visiting, so we took them up into the mountains!!! Millcreek Canyon!

A wintery Kiss!!
Tough Abominable Snow Beasts!!

Um.....REALLY?!?!? Ya couldn't wait???
(BTW: for those who were was really put there by a dog, not by Steve. He may be disgusting, but that's taking it a little TOO far.... even for Steve....I think!! Well.....maybe not!!!)
Nothin beats Utah Snow!!!!
We took them to Temple Square!

YAY UTAH!!!! This sounds cheesy!! But I LOVE Utah so much, it meant alot to share something so wonderful and special to me with my friends!!!

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