Friday, February 12, 2010

Random Utah Stuff!!!!

These are just a bunch of random pictures.
This was Grandma Elaine's Birthday at the Museum!
Silly Boys!!!
I fractured my tailbone a month ago and hyper-extended my arm while dancing. Just goes to show that I'm getting old. I'm starting to seriously injure myself when I dance now. :) Anyway, Kashton LOVES to wear my little bum doughnut like a hat. It's quite funny!!!

I thought this picture was so cute of my parents.
Lovin some Fettuccine Alfredo from The Brickoven!
Those old-fashioned suckers are the best.
My long time best buds!!! Love these girls SO much. It was so much fun to be able to spend time with my sweet friends Dani and Ang. We totally missed Annie....but she was too busy having a baby. :)

Me and my stupid faces. Ang looks cute....I look like a big nerd!!!
Loving the Michael Jackson inspired clothing!!!

Yummy Mrs. Fields Cookies. Can we work on getting her in Missouri???

I'm mad this picture is a little over-exposed. I was too close to him when I took it. I think it's so cute.
He wore my hat all morning!!

Hope you enjoyed all the random pics!!!


Jamie K said...

Gosh! I sure wish I'd been in Utah while you were there. Looks like you guys had so much fun while you were there. Love and miss you!!!

angie said...

I LOVED all your random pics!! :) I had SO MUCH FUN hanging out with you girlies too!! YOu guys will always be my besties!!! LOVE YA!!! Kashton seriously should be a little model!! He is SOOOO CUTE!!!