Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tis The Season.

Christmas was fun this year. It was unlike any Christmas I've ever had. My son is old enough to understand Santa, but most importantly, he began to understand why we celebrate Christmas. He knew it was "Jesus' Birthday." I'm thankful my little boy is learning and understanding such important principles.

A few days before Christmas, we spent the day at Silver Dollar City. Since we've lived in Branson, Christmas just CAN'T be Christmas without Silver Dollar City!!

We took Kashton to see Santa at the City. What a GREAT Santa. He was SO excited to see him. It was so cute to see them with each other.

Giving Santa a BIG hug!! So sweet!!!

A Christmas Kiss for Mommy!!!
The lights are always so magical!!

Santa came!!!!

Taye was ready for Santa to come!!!
So was Hershey....can't ya tell???
Christmas Morning!!
Kashton loved his microphone. He LOVES musical instruments and anything that makes or plays music!!
I had the best Christmas present. It doesn't really snow in Branson and I LOVE snow. Growing up in Utah, Christmas isn't Christmas without snow. I've been pretty bummed out since living in Branson and not getting any snow. So... I kinda cried a little when I saw this little dusting of snow on Christmas morning!!!

The other favorite toy....his super cool Robot man!!!
And the helicopter!!!

This Christmas was so different because it was the first Christmas that we weren't in Utah, or with ANY family at all. We were all alone. The days leading up to Christmas, I was pretty sad. Not quite sure how to spend the day without my family around that I love. But it ended up being a nice day. I had a sweet little boy that was SO excited about receiving the ONLY thing he asked Santa for. A Giant heart shaped sucker. The only thing he wanted. :) Such satisfaction in such simple things.
He had so much fun playing with his new train set.
No reason to get out of our jammies!!! We just relaxed and all napped together and watched movies.

Later that evening we went and saw The Princess and the Frog (BTW: his first movie...which...he still is not ready to go to movies. Too A.D.D.). But he was pretty excited about the GIANT icicle we found. He had to take it for a ride in his dump truck.

What a wonderful Christmas with just our little family. I look forward to another one next year.

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