Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Play Day with Cousins

While I was in Utah, I really wanted to go to Gardner Village and take Kashton to my dad's old bakery. The bakery was always a huge part of my life and even though dad doesn't own it anymore, I still wanted to show it to Kashton. So we had a fun little date with cousins to Gardner Village.

I wanted Kashton to see the water wheel that is a part of his great, great, great grandfather, Archibald Gardner's grist mill.

Cousin Emmie. Kashton had SO much fun getting to know his cousins. He just loved them and continues to talk about them all the time. We took them on a tour to the bakery and he got to see Grandpa's old mixer. He thought that was pretty cool!!!

Inside the big walk-in freezer. BBBRRRRR!!!!
"Mommy, can you see my breath??"

In front of the showcases out front!

A special picture for me. I remember growing up with my face pressed to the showcases all the time too. Yummy treats from my daddy's bakery. Secret confession: I use to sneak those little gingerbread men all the time. :) Hope I don't get in trouble for that comment. :)
They look delicious but sadly, just don't taste as good. They're missing the magical Duane Tuckett touch!!!! Quality over quantity!!
Sweet AJ (Anna)!!! Kashton just loves "A yay"!

Outside Grandpa's old bakery!

The only decent picture I could get of Kashton. It was past his nap time and he was grouchy. But here, he's watching the ducks and was momentarily happy.
What a fun day!!! I wish we could do that once a week!!! Thanks for such a fun day Wendy, Emmie, and AJ. We'll have to do it again next year!!


Anonymous said...

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Chelsey said...

What a fun day! I can't believe how big he is getting! I love those faces he makes; he is a cutie!