Monday, October 26, 2009

Our Visit To The Pumpkin Patch!!!

We found a local pumpkin patch here in Branson (the McKenna Farm) and I wasn't expecting much of it, but I was pleasantly surprised!!! Maybe because it's not too difficult to please a two year old. :)
Sadly, Cameron had to work and we REALLY missed having our daddy around to share such a fun experience with.

Kashton picked his pumpkin out very quickly. Probably because he could pick it up. :)

There were these fun little tricycles to ride around a little track. He's still TOO short to do anything like this but he sure did try hard. It was nearly impossible to pull him away from them. I threatened him with time-outs and bribed him with treats to come away from the cycles and he still wouldn't come with me. So I dragged him away literally kicking and screaming. He LOVED them!!!

Not quite tall enough!!!

There were these large industrial tubes on the farm that they had turned into little slides. Kashton loved them. This farm definitely catered more towards younger kids which was PERFECT for us. We had a blast!!!

We had so much fun running through a "Hay Maze." The maze was very small, but again, we had alot of fun and it was perfect for little legs. I kept running ahead of him and snapping pictures. He thought it was hilarious!!

So precious!!!

There were baby pigs that Kashton thought were SUPER cool!!!
What a silly boy!!!
We walked through the corn fields!!!
Being silly in the pumpkin patch!!!

Picking out a pumpkin!!!

All three kids were so cute!! I love this picture!!!
We went on a little hay ride that was pulled by tractor!!! The kids loved it!!
There was a corn kennel pit that Kashton LOVED to jump into. He was entertained for such a long time just climbing out of the pit and jumping back into it. It was so cute to watch him have such a blast!!!!
A VERY steep slide!! I was a little nervous but he wasn't even phased!!! My little dare-devil!!!
We found our pumpkins!!! YAY!!! What a great afternoon!!!
We'll have to go back next year and we'll make sure we take Daddy with us then!!! We had a blast but sure missed him!!!


Hacking it up said...

Oh my heck!! What a cute little man!!! You got such cute pictures of him!! He looks so much like his daddy!---I'll bet you were finding corn kernels around for days!! :) Happy Halloween!

Littletime said...

He looks so cute with his hair cute, the pictures you got of him were darling. Happy Halloween.