Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dogwood Canyon

We had a couple of days off of work because the Showboat was being decorated for Christmas. We also had a RARE day of sunshine considering it has rained almost every day all month long. So we decided to make a little drive down to Dogwood Canyon in Arkansas and enjoy nature. We had alot of fun!! I love that place, it's beautiful!! We missed the really pretty fall colors by about a week, but it was still beautiful! It was so peaceful and quiet. I would've loved to have spent the whole day there.

We found this little buddy hanging out in Kashton's hair!! Walking Sticks are SO cool. There are a ton of them out here.
Our model pose!!!

Ah!! Nature is AWESOME!! (As long as there are no spiders around)
Cool Mushrooms!!

Every once in a while we found this random little fairy frolicking in the woods!! She was weird!!
What a fun, and much needed day!!!


Jamie K said...

So, did you bring a photographer with you? These are gorgeous!!! And I'm so glad you and Cam took the model pose. It brought back so many fun memories! HUGS!

Annie AKA Emmie Lou said...

Oh lovely ballerina... too bad we can't all still do that.