Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Little Daredevil!!!

You may or may not have noticed that in the past couple of posts, Kashton's been holding his arm a little funny!! This post is a little over-due....but, better late than never, right?????
About a month ago, Kashton was playing around in the living room with his cousins and they get a little too rowdy sometimes. It was right before bed and they were all jumping off the couch and recliner. This is something that I've CONSTANTLY told him to NOT do.
Side-note: I wasn't too pleased when Cameron taught him to put all the pillows on the floor and then do somersaults off the couch and onto the pillows. I knew this was a very bad idea. But dad is the cool, fun dad and mom just takes away all the fun. So, who does Kashton listen to?? The fun person, or the boring person??? YOU GUESSED IT!!!
Kashton did some kind of Superman flip off of the recliner and I heard him scream in pain and then just lay there on the floor. I immediately knew something was wrong when a half hour later, he was still crying. He usually bounces back fast. We were hoping for a minor little sprain and he'd feel better in the morning. We put him in bed with us and he cried most of the night. So we took him to see the doctor in the morning.
Not sure if you can see this very good, but it's a nice clean break all the way across the bone.

I wanted to cry my eyes out when I saw these x-rays. I can't believe my little boy BROKE HIS ARM!!!! However, he was very cute when he was picking out what color of cast he wanted. He went from yellow, to blue, to green, back to yellow, red, blue, yellow, green. We were going to settle on yellow but he hollered at the doctor as he was on his way out of the room and wanted red. We left it at that!!! Red it is!!!

I'm amazed at how resilient these little kids are. Kashton has been right-handed and with this cast on his right arm, he hasn't acted phased by it at all. He still climbs up on everything using his left arm, jumps around, falls ALOT, eats with his left hand, etc. It's amazing to me!!! Such a strong, brave little boy. Everyone at the doctor's office was amazed at what a good little boy he was when he got his cast on. He held SO still and thought it was SO cool. Typical Boy!!!
Yesterday, he got the cast off!!! I'm also amazed that he only had to have it on for three weeks. Wierd!!! I guess little bodies heal much faster than big bodies!!
Again, everyone was amazed at what a good boy he was. He wasn't a bit afraid of the saw. He called it a vacuum.

He held his arm straight out in front of him like this for a few hours before he forgot all about it and started using it as if nothing ever happened. Hopefully he'll be more careful around the furniture!!!


Hacking it up said...

every kid had to break an arm! Conor broke his when he was 18 mos. old...on the trampoline no less... cute li'l brave boy you got there!! :)

Annie AKA Emmie Lou said...

Whoooo! What an eventful time you have been having! Thanks for all of the updates, love to see your little family and can't wait to see you in person. PS I heard a rumor about something you may be trying?!?!? Love Ya!