Saturday, October 17, 2009

Self Portrait

We woke up one morning and noticed it was very quiet. Upon looking at the time that appeared on the alarm clock, we were shocked to discover that Kashton wasn't awake yet (or so we thought). When we walked out into the living room, first of all we were surprised to see Kashton sitting on the couch.

At this moment, we learned that Kashton was finally tall enough to open the door to his bedroom. Still we were baffled as to why he was so quiet (and looking a little guilty). Upon further investigation we finally discovered the reason.

He found our camera!!!!

We don't know how long he had been awake, but we learned the story of his morning adventures through his photographic artistry.

These pictures are in order of how he took them!

An upclose look of his "monkeys."
The green in the corner is our ceiling in our living room. So, he was in the living room and he had his monkeys with him.
Back into his bedroom, this is an upclose view of the pack-n-play that his cousin Kendal was asleep in.
His bookshelf and the pack-n-play. I can't believe Kendal stayed asleep the entire time.

Sitting inside his tent with his motorcycle.
Another view of him inside his tent. Apparently he got a hold of ALL of the blankets that he owns.
Outside the tent and by the bookshelf and pack-n-play again.
A view of his tent!
Chubby double chin!!!
And again!!
And again!!! LOVE that neck!!!
Up close of the Pack-n-Play!!
Back out in the living room. He crawled up onto the couch and took a picture of the TV.

Self portrait...kinda!

His arm and the strap of the camera!

Sitting on the couch with his little foot!!
The ceiling in the living room!
Long story short: Woke up, let himself out of the bedroom, found the camera on the kitchen table, played in the living room, went back to his bedroom, hid in his tent where he thought he'd be safe, and ended back out in the living room.
What an adventurous morning!!!


Wyatt said...

This is a brilliant post.

I think we have a little Paparazzi on our hands :)


Hacking it up said...

Awesome!! You should let him "find" the camera every morning!! Think how many days you'll get to sleep in!!:)