Friday, October 23, 2009

First Haircut!!!

Well, I guess that time had to come!!! It took forever for his hair to even grow. He was bald for over a year of his life. We've been so proud of his HAIR!!! The longer Kashton's hair grew, the curlier it would get and I just loved those little curls. Neither Cameron or myself were too enthused about cutting it. However, after MULTIPLE times a day of receiving compliments about our darling "little girl", we decided that either we choose to give our little boy a complex, or we cut the curls!!!
So, we said goodbye to the curls!!!
We found this place in Springfield!! I tried to get a "before" picture but he just wouldn't hold still long enough.
He got to choose his own station and his own video. He chose to ride in the blue airplane and watch a Little Einsteins.
Okay, many of you know it's impossible to get a two year old to hold still. But he was SO incredibily good. I've never seen him sit so still before.
Looking "down at the penguin" on his cape while she cut the back of his hair!!
Almost done!!!
Such a handsome boy with his new haircut!!!
In his airplane!!! What a GREAT place!!!

Such a sweet boy!! This haircut has made him look SO grown up. He doesn't look like my little baby anymore. He's my little man!!!


ashley said...

I LOVE cookie cutters. If you look you can find coupons. And I am a fan of the shorter hair. I wish Chloe and Kashton could have just traded. Chloe gets called a boy all the time and their is nothing I can do about it. So at least you could fix the being called a girl problem.

Jamie K said...

Oh, my goodness! Who knew that Kashton could get cuter?! I wish I could be there to see your little man grow up. Give a hug to him for me and the big man too! Love and miss you!!!

Littletime said...

He is so cute with his hair cut,looks totaly different.