Monday, December 15, 2008

Thanksgiving and Halloween

Okay, so I know I'm one of the worst Bloggers in the world. But here's a quick recap.
Cameron's parents came to visit for Thanksgiving and we got some darling "18 month old" pictures taken of Kashton. Sorry I couldn't make them any bigger.

His Grandma took him to see Santa at the mall. He wasn't even that scared of him.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Monster

We went to Silver Dollar City and rode some rides.

Look at that sweet face, all bundled up tight.

We went up to Aunt Kay's and Uncle Mike's house in Springfield for Thanksgiving Dinner. This was in the backyard.

He LOVED the grand piano....and so did Mommy and Daddy!!!

Ron and Elaine (Cam's parents) came to see us perform on the Showboat. (I'll post some pictures of our show later)

We went to the Butterfly Palace.

Out to eat at Danna BBQ

My favorite picture

We went to the Branson Zoo and fed the llama and deer.

Cool Dude!!!

I have red hair now.

Me and Kelly at our work's Chili Party. How we kick off the fall season.

Halloween at Bob's Halloween party. Kashton and Parker. Kashton was Superman (or baby) and Parker was Jack Jack!

Halloween night. He got the idea very quickly, however we're "those one parents" who are really mean and don't let their kids have candy. Kashton still hasn't really had any candy but we sure did enjoy it. :)

And that's all folks!!!


Danielle said...

Oh yea! It is fun to catch up! Remember when I did my hair red? It was fun for a little while- next I put dark through it and cut it...Good times!

Annie AKA Emmie Lou said...

LOVE the hair! You always look so beautiful. I wish that you were coming for Christmas, but hopefully you can visit soon! Kashton is a stud. Libby and Avers will have to fight over him! Love the hawk too! looks like you are all having a ton of fun! But post more often... we miss you!

Paul and Rachel said...

Kashton is so darling. I love seeing what you guys have been up to...I also LOVE your hair color. it looks so pretty.

Carlie said...

Wow you guys are sooo cute - Kashton is such a stud - I just want to kiss all over him. We miss you guys. It looks like the visit from the folks was pretty fun. I love your hair- now you've inspired me - maybe I'll go red too. You can pull off any hair color - your so gorgeous. Give Cam my love and give Kashton a huge slobbery kiss from Aunt Carlie. Hope to see you in February.

Chelsey said...

Those are some really cute pictures. I love your hair! Red is the best!

Hacking it up said...

love the pictures!! Looks like you guys have had a great time!! And you're NOT the worst blogger...I am...I am so behind, it's ridonculous...You are beautiful!! Love your hair! :) xoxo


That kid is SO cute. I wish you post some more pictures.. and I LOVE your red hair!!!