Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Me!!!

Okay, so I'm rapidily approaching the big 3-0. So I'm going to try to make my final year in my 20's a good one. Because technically I'm still considered young and in my 20's, right? HOWEVER, I was teased the other day about me being almost 30 and my age starting to show. I've had a really bad cough lately (the allergies out here are HORRORIFIC) and I coughed SO hard, I threw my back out. NO JOKE!! I've been walking around hunched over like an old lady with osteoperosis just because of coughing. It's a really good thing that Cameron gave me three adjustments with the Chiropractor for my birthday. Best birthday present ever!!! Thanks baby!!!
We got together with a few friends and went to the best Mexican restaurant in Branson, Cantina Laredo. They have great food and it's a great atmosphere on the lake. You can't see it but the lake is right behind us.All kinds of people showed up to celebrate with us. We had family there (Tonya, Heaven, and Cam's brother Cory),
some friends / cast members (Tim, Gretchen, and Miranda),

the gang member wanna-be's (Mark and Cameron. We missed you Kelly :< ),

and what would a party be like without the DRUNKS (Kelly, Parker, and Steve). Oh, isn't that sweet. They're teaching their son while he's still young. :) I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

I got a special little birthday brownie. Which we ALL agreed was probably the WORST brownie in the HISTORY of brownies. It was a little (or alot) SCORCHED!!!

Thanks everyone for celebrating the day with me and for all the very sweet gifts!!!
Happy 29th to ME!!!! Man, my back hurts!!!


The Robertsons said...

Happy Birthday! I think that you look great! your back just means that you are playing hard! Have a great year. Trisha

Annie AKA Emmie Lou said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! YOU DON'T LOOK A MINUTE OVER 21!! Hope you have a great day!

Brooke said...

Happy Birthday, Bethany!! You do look fabulous, hope you had a great day! :) Hope your back gets feeling better soon, yuck.

Cammie said...

Happy Birthday Bethany! Looks like you had a great time. Hope the back get better quickly

Chelsey said...

I'm glad you had a good day! My birthday is the 22nd, I didn't realize our birthdays were so close together! Happy Birthday to us!

Abbie Anna and Megan said...

Happy day! Boo for the cough!

angie said...

Hey Beth!!! I am glad you had a good birthday, I can't believe how old we are getting either. I must say, every year does get better though.