Saturday, February 16, 2008

What Happens In Vegas....

...doesn't always have to stay in Vegas. Which is why I'm going to tell you about our two days there. This is one of my beautiful husband's headshots. We decided that we would take a last minute trip to Vegas so that Cameron could audition for The Phantom of the Opera. We were only there for about 24 hours but here are some highlights.

Cameron did an AWESOME audition and felt really good about it.
(He has the most BEAUTIFUL voice, I wish you all could hear him sing)

We took Kashton to FAO Schwartz where he saw a HUGE Trojan horse and rode a Hippogryph from Harry Potter.

Posed with 6 feet tall dragons and tamed the wild, pink dog.

First time on a SLIDE, he discovered just how much fun they can really be (once he got over the initial fear of it). He was sad when we walked away from the slide.

He rode the escalator all by his self.

Another first...First time on a trampoline was just TOO much fun. Especially with Daddy's help with the bouncing.

We also couldn't pass up the opportunity to play the famous Piano.

At the end of our Ceaser's Palace adventure, he was just plum-tuckered-out.

Cameron and I found this little booth that was selling something called Gelato. It looked BEAUTIFUL and oh, so tasty. So, we thought we'd have us a little treat. We both got small cups. Cam's contained mango and raspberry while mine contained chocolate and strawberry. Oh it was good....however...

...we learned a valuable lesson here. This was no Coldstone or Maggie Moos. We didn't bother to even look at the prices was ice expensive can ice cream be, right???????

There we were tasting this yummy new stuff called Gelato. Cam whipped out his debit card and the cute little man behind the counter said in his cute Phillipino accent (no, I'm not a genius when it comes to figuring accents. His name tag just so happened to read that he was from the Phillipeans) :



Not wanting to cause any kind of scene, Cameron calmly handed over his debit card while giving me the most bizarre look. Needless to say, we tried to enjoy those little cups the best that we could considering they were almost the most expensive thing we bought in Vegas.

Moral of the Story: STAY AWAY FROM THE GELATO (or read the prices before choose!!)

We spent Valentines Day in Vegas, so we decided to treat ourselves to one of our FAVORITE foods....sushi. Kashton got his first taste of jasmine rice and Miso soup. He LOVED the soup and tofu. He kept flapping his arms at us until we gave him more.

We also met up with two of our good friends that we went to college with. Rob Moffat and Jeff McLean, who are both in Spamalot. We were able to sit in and watch a rehearsal of the show and then went to dinner with them. I'm so mad at myself for not getting a picture with them. I was so busy enjoying their company, I didn't even think of the camera. Anyway, it was SO fun to see them. Thanks for dinner Jeffy, love you so much!!!

And Lastly.... what is Sin City without a little SIN????

The rest of our Valentines Day was spent driving 6-7 hours back to Salt Lake while listening to a cranky baby who hates being strapped down for long periods of time in his car seat. When we got home, Cam was so exhausted he fell asleep on the couch. Happy Valentines!!!!



Helen said...

Gelato is the best. We had some in Italy this last summer (that is where it all started} In fact that's all they had, no Ice cream at all. It looks like you had fun in Las Vegas. Cute pictures of your baby.

Cammie said...

Great pictures of your Vegas trip. Looks like lots of fun. Good luck to Cameron on thr tryout for Pantom!

Hacking it up said...

Looks like you guys had fun in Vegas! That little Kashton is such a cutie!! That's exciting about Cameron trying out for Phantom! When will he find out? He does have a great voice! We sure loved seeing and hearing you both in Branson!

I love gelato! It is more expensive, but dang!...I still think you guys got ripped off!! :)

Abbie Anna and Megan said...

Fun trip!!!! Cool about the tryout! Lucky little Kashton to have both of you to sing to him.

TheSainOnes said...

Fun times are to be had in Vegas that is for sure.... Good luck to Cameron that would be cool and one more reason for us to go to Vegas.

Angie said...

What a fun trip! I hope Cameron gets the part he auditioned for that would be awsome! I love all the pictures of Kashton on all the attractions he is seriously SOOOO CUTE!!! Thanks for the Gelato warning We've never tried it...and apparently we never will :)

angie said...

FUN TIMES!!! It looks like Kashton enjoyed himself too. We should go get sushi before you go back to Branson.

Chels said...

It sounds like you guys had so much fun. I'm glad to see pictures! You're little guy is so cute!

Nemelka said...

well the picture isnt that great but its next to the X and its like he is sitting on the screen so his legs are spread.

Cammie said...

The 3 column template for blogger is awesome. I got mine somewhere on the world wide web. The graphics I used for the background were from but other get theirs from places like shabby princess where they are free. As for making the blog pretty I got the instruction off a blog of one of your friends (Brooke I believe it was). She has very detailed instruction about doing it and it helped me to do mine and my mom's.

Cammie said...

You are not a pain at all. This is where I got all my 3 column templates. I think I using the minima right now on mine and my mom;s is the scribe one.
It walks you through how to upload them to your blogger but keep in mind these are just plain templates they do not have the fancy backgrounds that is another step. Though you already have the 3 column scribe one you should be able to use that with the instructions on the Brooke blog. As for the error I did see it once so I started over. It took me a while the 1st time but I finally got it

Littletime said...

I love Gelato but it has to be way bad for you because it is so creamie. Love your pictures. Hope Cam get the part in Vegas that would be awesome. Love ya

Annie AKA Emmie Lou said...

Can you text me your address?!?! And update the blogger while you are at it :)

Anonymous said...

Branson resort is THE place to go! Check it out and see why.