Friday, February 8, 2008


Just wanted to tell you about the new feature I added to my page. If you notice off to the left I have something entitled "Inspirations." As of lately I have found that my mind has wandered to many different things. Some good, some not so good. So I added this not only for myself but maybe for any of you that are in need of a little "inspiration" throughout the day or week. This is to help me to either stay grounded, or just simply to make me feel better. Maybe it's a thought I wish I could say to someone, or it's a thought that simply needs to be said to myself. Hopefully they can inspire us all at one time or another.


Lisanne Lee said...

Oh my goodness Bethany and Cameron, your family is precious. Aren't babies the best? I'm still eaten up over it. It seems like the two of you are doing so well and are so happy. You both look wonderful. It's so fun to pop in on your life every once in awhile. Keep me posted.

All my best,


angie said...