Saturday, January 19, 2008

Oh My!!!

Oh My...why am I such a nerd that I don't own a digital camera???? Anyway, I apologize in the lack-there-of in blogs. I'm doing things "old school" with a point-and-shoot camera. So as soon as I get my film developed, I'll post some pictures of Christmas. Sorry to be so behind the times. And I also apologize for my major downer previous blog. However, can you believe that it's been three weeks, I'm STILL sick, and Kashton even had a bought of illness. Both of us have been on a round of Ammoxicillian (sorry, no clue how to spell that) and Kashton is weathering much better than I am. Darn this dry Utah weather. Still, I can't complain too much because I love it here. Kashton got a little croupy but is doing much better now. Three weeks later and I'm still coughing most of the night, and I NOW have a sore throat. Yucky!! However, Cameron made it safely to Utah and it's been such a blessing having him here to help me out with Kashton.

Okay, so be prepared for some pictures soon. Sorry to be so late with the Christmas posts!!!


Hacking it up said...

I'm sorry you are still hacking! (we must be related) ;) hope you're feeling better soon!It helps, I'm sure to have the hubby there!

Nemelka said...

Well I have to say at least you can see your pictures! I Load them on the computer then cant find them! We've been sick also Brody has had it in his diaper!! I've cleaned poop out of places i never thought i would ( like the armpits.) Hope you feel better soon!