Friday, November 2, 2007

Little Miss Grump!!!

Yup, that's me!!! I've been grumpy lately. First, thank you SO much for everyone's help with my little boy. I didn't think I could give him juice because I thought he was too young. I'm still having some struggles with him. Poor little guy!!! The doctor gave us a laxative and an iron suppliment.

So, why am I so grumpy??? It was Halloween!! It was a LONG day!!! And my camera is broken!!! I couldn't get a picture of us in our Halloween costumes and I felt that was pretty traumatic having a new baby and not even able to take a picture of him in his first Halloween costume. GGRRRRR!!!!!!

He had his six month appt. and he's getting smaller. Is this a bad thing?? My doctor says "no," but still....

He is now 16 pounds and 6 oz. and 26 in. In the 50%!!! This is why I'm concerned. He's been in the 90% and suddenly....50%!!!! Sorry, my mom likes to tease me that I'm overly paranoid!!!

Things have been going pretty well for us. For the past three weeks I've been choreographing the Christmas show for the Showboat Branson Belle and I had SO much fun doing it. They opened their show today and it all went very smooth. I know this may sound kind of arrogant...but I can't help but feel good that my work is being shown in a professional setting.

It has also been my first time leaving Kashton with babysitters. It was really hard but at the same time, good for the both of us. First, I was thankful I didn't have to leave him for long periods of time. Second, he's much more comfortable with other people now. The last thing I want is a "momma's boy."

Another funny thing happened!!! It's kind of a confusing story but I'll do the best I can to not be long winded and boring ( I know I'm really good at that). Last year I worked on the Showboat as the Soprano (there are only four cast members in the show; a quartet). There are two casts on the "boat." A day cast and a night cast. Cameron and I worked in the night cast. The nice thing is that both casts do the exact same show, so if you wanted to take a day off, you could because the person in the other cast could just fill in for you. Not very many shows have that luxury.

So, this year they are doing the EXACT same show that they did last year. My really good friend Kelly is the Soprano in the day cast and she has had a really yucky time lately. She has had laryngitis for a MONTH now. Poor thing!!! Well, the girl who replaced me was getting a bit worn out doing three shows a day everyday. Since I was already an "employee" because I was choreographing their Christmas show....and since I KNEW the show already (remember, it's the same show that I did last year) I was asked to fill in for Kelly while she was recovering. OH MY GOSH!!! I was so excited. The nice thing is that because Cameron works in the Night cast he was able to watch Kashton while I did the Day cast show. It was SO incredible to get out on that stage again and sing and dance all of my old stuff. But it all had a new meaning this time. I felt like I was a new person. Kashton has made me a new person. I feel like I can walk out on stage and just have fun. I don't have to be such a perfectionist anymore because there is something else that is more important. I also was grateful that the costumes still kinda fit me. A little snug, but we could still zip them up. :)

Even though I wouldn't trade being a mom for ANYTHING, a little part of me returned when I was on that stage. I hope no one judges me too harshly for saying this. Keep in mind that I've always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom and raise my children. But this past year has been harder than I thought it would be. I felt like a little light flickered out inside my spirit. A sadder version of myself appeared. GRANTED, the colic didn't help either. And being out on the stage with the costumes and the lights and with the comfort knowing that Kashton was in really good hands (thanks to both Cameron and Kelly), that little light flickered back on. Wow!!! I love performing, I love my son, I love my husband, and I can't recall a time in my life when I sang Phantom of the Opera, or Thoroughly Modern Millie better!!!!

Even though my camera is broken, I'm happy!!!!


Emily Norat AKA Annie Buck said...

Bethany, i am so proud of you! I miss dancing so much and I would love a free moment to even take a ballet class! So excited that you will be here soon!

ashley said...

I wouldn't worry about the size thing. Jake was always in the 5% percentile and I don't even have a clue where Brie is or has been. Thats what happens with a second. Chloe will be lucky to get to the Dr!

angie said...

YEAH!!!! That is AWESOME you got to perform. I am jealous you are so close to your pre-pregnancy weight. I am WAY off!!!

Wyatt said...

You are a freakin' rockstar, Beth. I love you guys so much. Come to Vegas NOW!!! And be my best friends. We would have so much fun.

Barb & Sean said...

Bethany, I'm tagging you! See my blog for details.

Mel said...

Not judging you...any mom would share in your excitement and thrill of doing yet another thing besides motherhood that you were meant to do. You have a gift, and it makes you feel good.