Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Red-Neck Wedding Reception!!!

We have a good friend that got married recently. He was a fellow entertainer here in Branson but he moved to Tennessee last year to be with his fiance, and then returned to Minnesota for their wedding. All of his friends here in Branson were invited to Minnesota for the wedding, but sadly, given the schedules that entertainers have, this made it very difficult for any of us to travel up to Minnesota. So we decided to throw him our own wedding reception....BRANSON STYLE!!!!

It's widely joked that we are in "White trash," "Red-neck," "Hillbilly" country. And yes, these statements are fairly true (what do you expect? After all, we're on the border of Arkansas). So we did a nice Branson tribute to Matt's wedding by having a White-trash wedding reception. We made a big poster for them that contained all of our "Congrats" wishes and it had beer cans trailing from it. We also recorded every minute of it with the video camera to send to them. Sadly, Cameron and I didn't quite get the "white-trash" look down as good as others.

What you cant see in the photo.....

Cam was wearing cowboy boots with spurs and a big belt buckle that said "The Osmonds" on it. I was wearing INCREDIBLY, DISGUSTINGLY tight pants with these ugly boots that came up to my knees.

Since is was a wedding reception, everyone else was a little more dressed up. Girls were wearing dresses with their hair all done up. But they also had bruises (from domestic abuse) all over their bodies, missing teeth, bruises from drugs (we crazy entertainers like to play with all that stage make-up). One girl had a pillow up her dress so she looked pregnant and was sporting a tattoo that said "I Love Jeremy (the Jeremy was crossed out and replaced with) Steve." Another girl showed off her legs while wearing an ULTRA mini-skirt, fishnets, and a flourescent pink, furry "pimp" coat the reached to the floor. Many of the guys were wearing the most awful multi-colored suits and tuxes I've ever seen. Some of the guys even sported some pretty nifty Mullets and white T-shirts with ties drawn on them.

All in all, we had a blast leaving Matt and Jenn messages on the video camera, sitting around the firepit, watching Britney's performance on the VMA's (appropriate right?), drinking beers (or in me and Cameron's case, water and Mt. Dew), and eating crackers with CheeseWiz and Chips Ahoy.



angie said...

Looks like you had fun!!! So, are you going to be in that show you were telling me about? Oh and Aves is not sleeping through the night, she is sleeping really bad right now, last night she did okay though, she slept 5 1/2 hours. How long does your little guy sleep? Does he have any teeth yet? Love ya!!!

Abbie Anna and Megan said...


Kristen said...

Well written article.

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