Wednesday, December 9, 2009


We were so fortunate to have my parents come and visit us for Thanksgiving this year. They planned it last year when they were here at Christmas and it definitely gave me something to look forward to all year. We had a very quiet Thanksgiving this year. It felt weird and different compared to the HUGE family Thanksgivings that I grew up with that included all the aunts, uncles, and cousins. But I still enjoyed the day and I owe that to my parents for making it so nice!!

Kashton had so much fun showing off his tent and tunnel to Grandma and Grandpa!!

Looking through the LONG tunnel!
Kashton showing Grandma how it's done!!

Grandma giving it a try!

Are you stuck???

Grandpa's turn!! I think that's cheating!!!

Well, not sure that's how it's done, but it makes a nice girdal anyway!
Um...still trying to get out!! I think he might REALLY be stuck!!!

Grandpa has made his way down the hall, still trying to get out of the tunnel!! Kinda looks like an overgrown caterpillar!!!

And the tunnel FINALLY gave birth to the 63 year old man!!! That's probably the most exercise he's had in years!!!

We watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and Kashton LOVED the Rockettes. We had to rewind it a couple of times so that he could see it again!!

He got so excited and yelled "Mom, they're doing battements." Yup, my two year old knows what a battement is!! (Those of you who don't: Battement is the ballet term for....basically a kick) (Oh, and dad's asleep on the couch after that work out he just had)

Work it Out!!!
Helped Grandma make some fresh Naborhood Bakery Cinnamon Rolls straight from Utah!!
And ate ALOT of frosting!!! One of those things I dont EVER allow...but since it's a each his own!!

Want some????
One FULL oven.
Happy Thanksgiving!!! Mom cooked a FANTASTIC meal! (I helped a little)
Yummy Turkey!!!
And we had FRESH pumpkin pie!!! That's one of the advantages of having a Baker for a father!! I made an apple and chocolate pie...but who cares??? WE HAD NABORHOOD BAKERY PUMKIN PIE!!!!

The rest of the day Cameron had to go to work and the rest of us stayed home and played games. Then that night we went and saw Cameron's younger brother Cory's show. Thanks Mom and Dad for making the day special!!!
Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving too!!!


Annie AKA Emmie Lou said...

Gotta love Marge and Duane! We miss you here Beth. Kashton looks huge... he's a KID!!! Not a baby boy :( Kiss him for us! Hope to see you soon... coming out for Christmas?

Hacking it up said...

What a great Thanksgiving you had!! I LOVE that your mom and dad went through the tunnel!!! So funny!! I have such great childhood memories of the Naborhood Bakery!! The BEST pies, rolls,etc around!!!! I remember getting to go in "the back door" and we got to pick a donut and your dad would always pick me or Carey up and pretend to throw us in the oven! Good times!!! I miss those big Thanksgivings at the church with all of us!!