Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 4: Chicago/ Nauvoo Vacation

Day 4:

This was just a cute picture I left out of the last post. This was at the Indian restaurant!
Our last day in Chicago, we just walked up and down the "Magnificent Mile" and saw all the stores. I forced Cameron to go into the American Girl doll store. :) I LOVED these when I was younger. Kirsten was my first doll and I still have her. I also have the Samantha doll but she wasn't in the store anywhere. I asked a lady why they didn't have Samantha and she said that she had been "archived." I wonder if that means she'll be worth alot of money one day. I had to get a picture in front of the collection!

An old cathedral. I love old churches.

This was outside of the cathedral and I thought it was gorgeous.

A huge fountain that Cameron SHOULD NOT have been up on. I kept waiting for the police to chase us down.

A rare picture of just me and Cameron!
We took the four hour drive to Nauvoo and this was as we were crossing the Mississippi River. I was amazed at how HUGE it was. I've seen the Mississippi River in St. Louis, but this seemed like triple the size. It was incredible.

Snapped a quick picture while driving by. :)
That was the end of Day 4 for us!!
Stay tuned for a fantastic two days in Nauvoo.....

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