Friday, July 17, 2009

A Post for Mom!!!

Hey all!!
Again, I'm HORRIBLE at posting things. I'm so far behind that I could never catch-up.
I was talking to mom the other day and she was saying how she wished she could see the things we've been working on at our house. Mom hasn't been able to see our yard in the summer this post is for you mom!!!!
Here is a portion of our new fence. Obviously it's not quite finished yet. But I wanted to show you what the terrible electric company did to our backyard.
In the Spring when the weather was still nice, I was going outside with Kashton EVERYDAY and we were having picnics out on the grass in the shade of our big tree!! It was SO nice.
Then the electric company (without asking our permission) just showed up in our backyard and started HACKING at the tree to cut it away from the powerlines. I was so mad that tears LITERALLY stung my eyes!! So, here is our very sad and very ruined tree. Actually, it's more like a giant stick in the backyard now.

The backyard is miserable to be in now. There isn't an ounce of shade at all and it's just too humid and yucky!! So sad!!

The other sad thing: I've treated my roses twice already this season for bugs and the Japanese Beetles just wont leave my roses alone. This year my roses have looked worse than ever.

My pathetic rose bushes!!
The roses wont grow as big and beautiful as they use to and they brown and wilt within a day. I use to be so proud of them.
My herb garden!! This I'm proud of.
Thyme, Rosemary, Oregano, Chives, Parsley, Mint, Basil, and Lavender!
A random collection of flowers. I've never been able to keep flowers alive in this bed before. I brought in a lot of fertilized soil and mulch. So far, so good. Still can't get anything to grow on that trellis though!!! It's as though the trellis is poisonous and kills everything that touches it!! (Besides the random thistle growing behind it....I should go out and pull it right now)
My tomatoes!!!
They're not thriving either. I had ONE big green tomatoe that I was keeping my eye on and of course....Parker pulled it off and bit it. :(
Another view of flower bed and fence!!
Two little tomatoes!! I'll try to keep these ones away from Parker!
My hybiscus!! Again, not thriving this year!!! You can see where the Japanese Beetles have attacked it too!!
My front porch. Put new cushions on the chairs this year.
My hanging basket!!
The front yard is thriving much better than the backyard!!!
My hydrangeas.
Look at the great job Cameron did on the porch. Powerwashed it down, re-painted it, and put those pretty tiles on it. He did such a good job!!!
My Hostas and impatients.
The retarded hydrangea bush that never blooms. But it keeps getting bigger each year.
The stairs!!!
Good Job Cam!!!
The window box!!
Under the small tree in the front yard!!
It's been raining alot and we havent mowed. :)
Flower bed in front.
It's actually thriving his year for the first time, but we still can't seem to kill the stupid Yucca plant. I just keep digging it up every week.

The Crepe Myrtle. It's finally getting bigger!
YAY!!! We finally got a mailbox!!
For all you who've never seen my house (which is EVERYONE), we had a very sad, pathetic excuse for a mailbox...but not anymore. :) I was quite excited about this!!
New counter top!!
YAY!!! Not that horrible, gouged-up green one anymore!!
New, pretty stainless steel sink. No more yucky, stained, gouged-up white one.

More of the countertops and LOOK MOM...I finally went and bought new knobs for the kitchen and installed them all. YAY ME!!!! No more missing knobs!!
And the pretty juicer Cam got me for my birthday. :)

The newly painted living room. We painted it a gold color and installed those shelves!

Last but not least...the picture Kashton gave Cameron for Father's Day!!
Now come see me. :)
Love you!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you two have been super busy! The new counter tops look great, and I wish my front yard looked even half as nice as yours... maybe next year. Sorry I haven't been able to help with babysitting lately; my boss has been scheduling everyone six days a week. We finally got more help and then 5 servers took vaca in the same week... so annoying. Everything should be back to normal after next week, so I'll be able to take Parker a couple nights a week and help keep him away from those tomatoes!

Hacking it up said...

WOW!! Love what you've done!! Everything looks great!!--sorry about your tree though :( We're dying to come see you again!--hopefully this coming year!...

Nancy K said...

Cute house!!!!

Chelsey said...

That is amazing, everything you have...thats too bad about the tree though. I would have been just as upset. I love how everything looks!

Carlie said...

I can't believe all of the flowers and herbs, and tomatoes and everything else you have going on in the beautiful yard. It is gorgeous. You and Cam have done an excellent job. I don't know where you find the time, and I still can't believe they cut off a lot of your tree. We miss you guys. I loved the post. Great pictures BTW.

Annie AKA Emmie Lou said...

Wow!!!! I am jealous of all your beautiful flowers... mine are so boring! Your yard and home look amazing. Isn't it amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do?!?!?