Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Birthday Parties!!!

These sweet little boys were born nine days apart and have been best little friends ever since. Recently we celebrated their SECOND birthdays together. There are alot of pictures so please be patient. :)Best Friends!!! Kashton Rane and Parker Aiden

A few days before Kashton's birthday, we had a joint birthday party for both Kashton and Parker. These are their little cakes I made them.

They both LOVE watching the Little Einsteins together. So I made them a "Rocket" cake.

Me and Steve (Parker's daddy) blowing up balloons.

We played a fishing game where the kids put a fishing pole over a bedsheet and pulled out a prize.

Kashton got a fun little butterfly net.

We also had a Mickey piniata.

Probably the funnest thing was watching them eat their cakes. Neither one of them wanted to touch the cakes.

So then they decided to just use their mouths. :) It was very cute.

Then the boys opened some presents. Everyone was so kind to these sweet little boys. Thank you so much!!!

Hugs for Steve. Kashton loved his super cool "tunnel."

After the party, we flew Kashton's new kite. He LOVED it.

On Kashton's actual birthday (April 26) we had another little joint party. Our friend Patty's birthday is also on the 26th of April. She invited us over to her house for dinner and they were all so sweet. Kashton was spoiled by both Patty and Tom, as well as Johnnie and Ron Dobbins. They've kind of become adoptive grandparents. The Dobbins gave Kashton these cool glasses...

...and these awesome boots, as well as some fun gardening tools so that Kashton can help mommy out in the yard.

Getting kisses from "Gamma" Johnnie

Patty and Tom gave Kashton some cool swim trunks and a darling shirt that says "Daddy's my Hero."

Kashton was TOTALLY loving on Patty. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen him do. Patty got more kisses than I've ever received from him. I was quite jealous.

He even got his own little cupcake with two candles in it. He thought that was pretty cool.

Kashton recieved so many presents. It was better than Christmas morning. He opened presents from mommy and daddy, grandpa's and grandma's, aunts and uncles, and friends. He was SO spoiled. Thank you everyone. We took so many pictures. I'm only posting just a few so I hope no one is offended if you don't see your present in the pictures. There were just too many.

He loved his letters from daddy!! He already knows his K and his O.

And probably his favorite gift was his "pin-nano." He still asks for it everyday.

Thank you so much everyone for making Kashton's birthday so special. We love our little man so much and are so proud of our sweet little two year old.


Wyatt said...

I'm going to have to stop looking at your blog because the cuteness level is just way too high to handle. He looks precious!

I love your blog, but I have one simple request: I WANNA SEE MORE PICS OF YOU, BETHY!

Love ya!

Littletime said...

Looks like he had a great birthday, he is so cute and in some pictures I think he looks just like Jesse and the picture of you with him and the kite for brief second I thought it was one of your sisters.. cute cute family love and miss you.

Cammie said...

Great pictures Bethany, great to see you back to posting again. I love your blog. Happy Birthday to Kashton, he is growing up quite handsome

Carlie said...

Those are really cute pictures - We're also doing a Little Einstein's Birthday theme for Talen in a few weeks - your cake was beautiful - I wish you were here and you could make one for Talen - I am so not talented in that area. He is growing up to fast - he's already grown a ton just in the past few months - he's just precious - oh and I loved his birthday outfit - Way Cute! Give him a kiss from me. Miss you.

Eric and Sariah said...

Thank you for sharing your little one bithday with us We love you guys so much and I (Sariah) personally love Kasthon with all my heart, I'm ust waiting for Eric to come back from Argentina so I can send Kashton B-day present's Thanks for doing your blog I love reading it, please keep doing it
And hopefully we can see you guys soon!


The pictures of your little one eating that cake.. I am dying. Cuteness overload-- I DO agree with wyatt though.. I want to see more of you! Steal that limelight honey thats where you belong.

I haven't checked your blog in so long because it had been a while since you updated but WOW you really gave me full gratification with these posts and all the photos. Thank you so much for letting us into your amazing world. I miss you a lot and really hope at some point we can catch up. You are amazing and I will always have a special place in my heart for you.

Hacking it up said...

Wow!! I can't believe he's two already!! What a handsome li'l man! Looks like he had a great birthday!--nice job on the cakes! xoxox

Chelsey said...

He is growing up so fast! Love all the pictures; he is such a cutie! Hope he has fun with all of his new toys!