Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Five Years!!!!!

This is one of our funny engagement photo. Look how young and cute we were.
Cameron and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary and it was such a wonderful day. Ever since I became pregnant we've basically tried to keep our "heads above the water" and really haven't done anything together. We decided we were both going to take the day off from work and just PLAY. It was the BEST day this year.

I gave Cameron a bunch of gifts, one included a new leather wallet that I had engraved. Because we really don't have many pictures of me and Kashton together (I'm usually taking the pictures), we tried to take a cute picture to put in Cameron's new wallet. However, Kashton was a little fuss and they didn't really turn out.

Look at that belly!!! My mini "Santa Claus."

The morning of our anniversary we went to a local resort and we played 9 holes of golf while one of the YW from the ward babysat Kashton. Things you probably didn't know about Bethany....I LOVE TO GOLF. Cameron's new to the sport, but he's already getting REALLY good, way better than myself. I'm a dork and forgot my camera at home...so no fun pictures.

After the golf game (Cameron won 54-59) we took Kashton to the local water park, White Water, where we had lunch and a fun afternoon together playing in the water.

Kashton loved this little chute. He kept putting his mouth into the water to drink it.

He got a face FULL of water and I was thankful my camera was ready. Look at that priceless face.

Kashton's favorite place was at the foot of these two water slides where all the water was collecting. He didn't want to leave that area.

He loved this little mini waterfall at the end of the slide.

My two cute boys dancing in the water.

After White Water, we took Kashton home and put him down for a nap while we watched a few episodes of "Lost." When Kashton woke up, we went down to the Landing and did some shopping, then we took Kashton to his "aunt" Kelly to babysit.
There was a time when a dinner and a movie use to be just the normal way to spend a weekend. Now it's become the treasured and coveted thing to do. We went to one of the only nice restaurants in Branson, Tony Z's. We had their famous Ceasar Salad that they make tableside.

We had a wonderful Italian dinner and got a free cheesecake because of our anniversary. We ended up taking the cheesecake "to go" so that we could get to our movie on time....PLUS, we were really looking forward to the Baskin Robbins at the movie theater. :)
We went and saw Indiana Jones and ate our ice cream. Well, I've ALWAYS loved Indiana Jones, history, and who didn't want to become an archiologist after seeing these movies?? However, I LOVED the movie up until the last 15 min. I kept thinking "They're not going to go there are they? No, they can't go there." And then at the very end of the movie: "Yup, they went there." I was so disappointed. But that's just me. Cameron LOVED it and I was disappointed. Still, you'll never hear me complain about a dinner and movie with the love of my life, sans children.
This is the beautiful necklace Cameron gave me. I was so surprised, it was completely unexpected. Emeralds are my birthstone and there are five of them to represent our five years together. He's such a sweetheart!!

I LOVE MY HUSBAND!!! Happy Anniversary.

This is just me being silly showing off my new hair-do. It's a rich auburn color. We still need to put some caramel highlights in it and cut it. I was ready for a change and my pregnancy made my hair turn darker. I'll get a picture of the finished product!!


Chelsey said...

What a fun day!!! That is awesome you guys could spend the day together like that. How fun! I TOTALLY agree about the movie! I hated the last part and Cody loved it! The ending totally ruined for me! Cute pictures of Kashton in the water; he is a sweetie!

Brooke said...

Happy Anniversary! It is a rare thing to be able to spend a ton of time without kids for us too. And those pics of Kashton are darling! How fun. Oh, and your hair looks great that color!!!

Danielle said...

Oh my gosh the time flys. The water park looks so fun. Little K is slowly looking more and more happy. Is it true?! kiss and loves

Nemelka said...

Hey I want a quilt!!! Yes I am having a baby but i want one for myself!! ha ha I LOVE blankets! And I really want to take Brody swimming at a place like that it looks so fun! congrats on 5 years also!

Cammie said...

Happy Anniversary to you. What a fantastic day you had! Yiur new do is beauiful. Kashton is a cutie

Angie said...

Happy Anniversary you two! It's amazing how time flies isn't it? Especially once you become parents! I'm glad you got some "family time" and some "alone time" because both are important! Clayton and I felt the same way about Indie but we still liked the movie overall. I'm going to say this again..I always say this...but seriously Kashton is the CUTEST little boy! I love the water park pictures the one of the water in his face is priceless!

Carlie said...

Happy Anniversary - i was actually thinking about you guys a lot lately because i remembered the you got married at the end of June - I'm so glad you had a fun play day dates and play days are essential to life at least for us - I couldn't function without them - the pictures are so so so cute! Your hair is gorgeous by the way- totally love it - isn't funny that I went blond and you went brunette - when your a tired out mom - sometimes the best thing is to get a new do. Kashton looks so happy - I wish so bad that we could see him and get our kids together. You guys really do look totally amazing and so happy. We miss you.
Come and Visit!

Hacking it up said...

Happy Anniversary!! Looks like you guys had a great day!! Good for you!! That li'l Kashton is such a cutie! Your pictures together are cute too! LOVE your new hair!!!

I felt the EXACT same way about Indiana Jones...they should not have gone there...