Thursday, April 17, 2008


Hey Everyone!!! Sorry I've been slacking in the BLOGGING area. I started work last week and I've been in long rehearsals every day. My show opens tomorrow so I'll have a chance to play catch-up. So prepare yourselves for some blogs. Anyway, I've been promising Mom this blog for a few weeks now. Some of you may have heard about the severe weather we've had out in this part of the country. Also, if you've never been to Branson, these pictures may be boring and not make any sense to any of you. But those of you who have been here (especially to my show on the Showboat) this is AMAZING.

There are two levels to the Showboat area. This is the top level where the gift shops and Box Office are located. You're looking at what use to be a watch tower. The passengers usually walk down a boarding ramp down to the lower level, and then across this long ramp that leads out to the Showboat. Because of the high water level, they've had to load the passengers from this top level and build the ramp going out from the Watch Tower instead. Crazy!!!

These next few pictures you can compare the two shots side by side. I first took the pictures on the left and then that night we had ANOTHER thunderstorm and when I came to work the next morning, I had to re-shoot those same pictures. The water level had risen that much!!!

Left: The stairs that the passangers exit up are almost underwater. Right: Stairs completely underwater.

Left: That fence is where the crew enters to board the Boat. The fence comes up to my shoulder. Right: The fence isn't even visable anymore. The wind was crazy!!

Left: This is the Boarding ramp almost completely under water. Right: The Boarding ramp again the next day. Notice the water is all the way up to those lamp posts and I'm guessing those are anywhere between 7-8 feet tall (maybe more).
A closer look at the Boarding ramp. The entire side rails have been swept away (except at the top there) and that footboard was tilting completely to the side every time a wave hit it. The Marine Crew were dragging pieces of this poor ramp out of the water.

The Boarding ramp and a fence completely submerged. Look at that wind!!! (Steph, that is where you got your picture taken with your family)

Mother Nature obviously doesn't care about Secure Areas!!!

The ramp boarding the Showboat is going UPHILL!!! Usually it either goes straight or downhill, but I've never seen it go up.

Picture at Left: This is the dock/landing/gift shop at the Showboat. We usually walk underneath this to get onto the boat. Under that deck is a storage/office area where they store Christmas decorations. Notice (picture at right) the lone Christmas ornament that was washed on shore. There were a few balls floating in the water.

Oh Look!!! More ornaments washed up. We're going to have to go scuba diving for ornaments once Christmas gets closer.

This is the ramp that the crew walks down to get on "the Boat". Now, for those of you who don't know, this is a very LONG ramp but you can't tell considering the water is almost up to the gate. Absolutely AMAZING!!!!

We get ALOT of rain in Missouri (in comparison to Utah) but I've never seen them open any of these Spill Ways on Tablerock Dam. So it was quite a suprise to see ALL TEN Spill Ways open.

This is the pathway down by the Showboat that we walk/jog on. Picture to the left: Mom, do you remember the trees we would walk through and then walk down the hill over all the rocks to get to our fishing spot?? Well, we don't have to do that anymore. The water came to us. Yes, it's RIGHT THERE next to the path. Picture to the right: Well, we can't go jogging anymore anyway because the PATH IS BLOCKED BY WATER!!!!

The picture to the left is the Boardwalk that you can't see. I use to walk my dog and child on that thing. Picture to the right, the "Water and Fire" show at Branson Landing. The benches are all under water. They also had to close ALL of the restaurants down because they're electrical and gas was all underwater.

Okay, you're looking at an RV Park that is completely under water. Those are fishing docks that we usually just walk out on. The picture at the left shows the Bait Shop/Marina in the distance where it is SUPPOSE to be. The picture at the right shows...OOPS...the Marina has broken away and is floating down the lake. They closed the bridge down so that they could anchor the Marina to prevent it from crashing into the bridge. We were pretty depressed. It would've given them a good excuse to rebuild that rickety old thing.

Picnic tables under water at the RV Park

TaneyComo Lake is flooding the parking lot at Branson Landing. The next day it was even higher than this and they barracaded (sp.) and sandbagged the lot.

I'm standing on the Taneycomo Bridge looking down at both sides of the bridge. The water is over the road and completely covering the RV Park.
Since MORE rain is headed our way, we've decided we're going to start building an "ARK the Second" and start gathering animals two by two.


Hacking it up said...

Holy Cow!!! I cannot believe how much water!!! This has been a wet season for sure!
Guess what?!? We're planning on coming up there for a week in June!!! (22-28)..and I SERIOUSLY think that is th RV park we have reservations for...the one under water...SERIOUSLY!!!! I'm wondering if we should find another one to stay at?...any suggestions?

Also, we want to get some tickets to your show again! And any suggestions for some others would be great too!...anybody else want to come?

LittlePartyof7 said...

Oh my gosh!!! That is a ton of water-How scary for you guys!
I would love to come see all of that....maybe one day we'll be able to take a trip that way-I would love to see some shows!!!

Paul and Rachel said...

Wow, that is amazing. Thanks for sharing the pictures. It makes it so much more real knowing someone that is there. Try and stay dry if you can!! Good luck with your show.

Annie AKA Emmie Lou said...

Beth- that is amazing! WOW!! Does it make you nervous? Good luck on your show! I am certain you will be fabulous!! miss you tons!

Angie said...

WOW!!! that's so crazy! I can't believe how devestating something like too much or too little water can be!! I'm glad you guys are ok even though it looks like everything around you is underwater! Good luck with the show!

angie said...

That is CRAZY stuff. I wish I could come and see your show, that would be VERY fun.

Chels said...

That is crazy stuff!! I can't believe all those pictures. That is a lot of water. Good luck with your show!

Littletime said...

Oh my gosh, that is a lot of water, did the show go on? Good luck, I would really like to come and see them all again it was so fun. Love ya

Danielle said...

Bethany, go to this link. I want to see if you have heard this news yet
I worked with this woman and now she was found right in Branson of all places...