Saturday, March 22, 2008


Okay, for all of you who talk about how cute and sweet and HAPPY Kashton seems to be. You've heard me say over and over how difficult he can be at times and how much he cries. is my proof. I decided I would photograph him every time he cried. This happened one morning and in a matter of two hours. Needless to say, I was laughing the entire time because it made me realize just HOW MUCH he really does cry.
Right Before Breakfast
Right AFTER Breakfast
Getting His Diaper Changed
Putting On His Clothes
Playing With His Toys
Getting Ready To Read A Story
I Set Him On The Ground After Storytime So That I Could Get Dressed
Time For A Nap
I didn't take pictures of the rest of the day because I was busy, but this was the last picture we took before his bath and bed.

Well, at least I can laugh about it NOW!!

We believe we've learned what the problem has been. But that story will have to wait until the NEXT Blog (or at least until I get the pictures ready).


Annie AKA Emmie Lou said...

Good to hear from you, I was starting to worry. We miss you tons here. Come back soon. K

Hacking it up said...

OK...I believe you! ...:) It's so hard to have a fussy baby... I had a couple like that and it was because they had acid reflux really bad...and constant ear infections...does he have any of that goin on?...he sure is a cutie though! :)

angie said...

That is so funny and cute!! Kashton is a little model baby!! I miss you Beth!!

Chels said...

He's still cute. Jake is finally getting better at not crying at EVERYTHING. I used to think when he was really little "its a good thing you're cute, or else!".

TheSainOnes said...

He is so cute even if he crys...

LittlePartyof7 said...

Oh, sad baby!! You keep up the good work & that cutie will stop crying yet!!

Angie said...

Hmmmm...I just really don't think I believe you....
hahahahah just kidding! I'm glad you can laugh about it because there are mornings when Adam is JUST like that and it takes everything for me to not pull my hair out...luckily for me it just falls out naturally from all the stress :) lol